Thanksgiving of life

Everyone comes to the world, there will be many people to accompany us through a period of time! They are either lovers, relatives or friends, or colleagues, or strangers, people who guide us, people who love us, people who fight with us, people who fight against us, various people People like this… It is them that formed our life… It’s bustling, we know

It is said that this joke is loved by women.

A man is tired of going out to work every day while his wife stays at home all day. He hopes his wife can understand how he fights abroad every day. So he prayed and prayed: I am the Lord Almighty, and I work outside the house for eight hours a day. My wife only stays in the house. I want her to know me. How did I pass it? Please let me and her. Change your body one day! Amen. no

Then I went to sleep

Watching a movie in the cinema, he heard a buddy shouting for a black screen: Move your mouse! You are dangerous to wear, but you are very safe! The fox is not very refined and purely light. The babysitter had a particularly loud voice, and the owner said that all the people coming tonight are people with identities, and they must speak in a small voice. After dinner, the owner to play cards, the babysitter settled and wanted to rest early, so he went together

Tiny, small details, interpretation of love

Do not always compare with others, not to simply imitate a family. Every couple has their own situation. It is impossible to completely copy the happiness of others and live their own happiness. People all want to face. Many times they would rather aggrieve themselves than to lose face in the face of outsiders. There should be great conflicts between husband and wife and they should be resolved in the house. There should not be an iron gate at any time.