Life whisper

1. Before meeting the right person, God may allow us to meet other unsuitable people first, so that when we finally meet, we will be thankful. 2. Only when it is lost, it is known to be precious; likewise, only when it is possessed, does it know that it is scarce; 3. Casting love, asking for no reward, expecting the spread of love, enjoying self-satisfaction with love. It takes a minute to become obsessed with a person.

Smile, ten years

Don Juan: "You Wu Kong you listen to me, the behavior of the recent realization of the net is very strange. For the division more than said him two words, he would not leave a word to go away, and then lying in the food tank Xiaobailong." Goku: " Shadi is not good at words. He should be expressing his dissatisfaction with you by using actions.” “What do you mean?” “Stay down? 蹦蠥: My blood type is B type, my wife’s blood type is B type, and I have a Children B. Male B