A fragile heart

The trivia of life, the troubles of the red dust. Torturing a fragile heart, bleak reality. Incomplete life. People are disheartened. Do not want to live. Cruel years, bumpy mundane. Tears burst into tears. I smashed my body. At the moment, I'm lost in desperation. When can the sad heart be indifferent, and where can you be happy in your heart? What is left in the course of life is endless regret

The taste of happiness

The crowd searched for thousands of Baidu. When he looked back, he was in the dim light. – Inscription The taste of childhood water is a cup of water. This is the habit I grew up from childhood. Since childhood, my bowel was not very good. Every morning, a glass of fresh water is an essential lesson. But when I was young, I was lazy. Preparing water was what my mother had to do during the day. The northern winter is cold and bitter, and my

Life in all directions

Fake is also true or false. There are no things at all, there are many things in life, nothing more than revelation, there are many things in life, than meditation. Those who have been unconditionally accompanying themselves and supporting themselves are always easily overlooked by us. They are always habitually forgetting about their feelings. They always like to quarrel with them because of small things. Sometimes we even have a nameless name. Complain to them and complain that they are not

Smile walking forward

The Bulgarian philosopher Kiril Vasiliev said in the book “Sentimental Love”: “The smile of love is like a magical key that can open the labyrinth of the heart. Its rays illuminate everything around it and give it to the surrounding. The atmosphere adds warmth and sympathy, eager expectations and fantastic illusions.” The smile is a bundle of sunlight that illuminates the path of others while also lighting up the way forward. Smile is a kindness and help.

Suffering is gold

Suffering is gold – reading "Robinson Crusoe" has the effect of excerpts: 1 is not immersive, it is impossible to describe or comprehend our scene of horror at that time. We do not know where we were at the time and did not know where the storm had blown: whether it was an island or the mainland, a place where people smoked, or an uninhabited wilderness area. At this time, although the wind has weakened earlier, it is still fiercely abnormal.

It's morning, don't worry about your parents

Parents are always parents. There is no reason to question that what we once had was all parents, from the days of facing the loess back to the heavens, given in one hand, harsh from the hungry life, food saving, and careful planning, for what, Satisfied with our ability to go to school, to learn knowledge, to be a knowledgeable person, to pin down everything to you in order to make up for the regret of not being able to read a book.

Some quotations to comprehend life

1, only holding a learning heart, young is your capital, otherwise, there is no premise of the youth is destined to a ridiculous life, no meaning, no value. 2. Not all people know before they experience, which is why life has its own meaning. Not all treasures are lost, which is why there is no regrets for some happiness. 3, hurt people

A collection of folk jokes

1. The husband pays the salary and takes home to prepare for his wife. He said to his wife: "My dear, I have paid my salary. I kissed you with my money." His wife remained indifferent. The husband saw no response from his wife. He shouted again: "If you don't come again, I will find someone to wait on me and give her all the money." My wife replied faintly: "If you dare to go, how do you spend the money?