There is a great degree to have a reservation, a treasure to have a possession

There is a generous reserve, and treasure to have life is not easy to be happy, how happy how to live life is hard to be happy, how happy how to live life is short, life has so many disappointments in life is not easy, life is not happy but not happy is a state of mind, the sun rises in the east west life, what’s the big deal, and in my own life is still a lot of fun, since the bad gas”

Clothes and people

The weather is hot and hot, tidy up the thick clothes and arrange the wardrobe. Opened the door, a sense of familiarity can meet every day, carefully clean up, only to find some never graced, don’t even remember buying, while others have to change the old grudge throw away. The clothes are still so, not to mention people and emotions. Some people appear in front of you every day, the first time the eye margin is,”

Four kinds of people have four different lifespan

2018-04-04 four kinds of people have four different lives in WeChat to see that people divide people into four types, with four different lifespan accordingly. One, smart people: active health, healthy investment, live to 120 years of age. Two, understand people: pay attention to health, save health, safe to 90 years old. Three, ordinary people: ignore health, do whatever you want, and get sick to 70 years old. Four, confused people: overdraft health, early disease “

A person with a deep memory

Deep in the memory of a person in my memory living in a person. Hold a black umbrella, wearing a black raincoat, black boots on his feet, a tall and slim figure, braved the downpour, down from the ridge…… There’s only one scene in my memory, a black umbrella, a black raincoat, a black boot on my feet, a tall slim figure who is pouring downpour.

What a false person

No one can make me as to what she did again have what can let me have a strong desire to protect as never what one can let me sleepless night tears no longer think of what people can make me unable to control what no one can let me often think of heart crushed the general pain no longer what people can defeat me an easy job to do she was once my life is my gamble”

Pass through your whole world

When I think of you, some happiness, happiness is a little sad. Stand up Youth passes as a fleeting wave. escape youth here. Don’t know what time to love you, every twinkle and smile, every act and every move. Eileen Chang said: it is a kind of happiness to meet the right person when you are right; it is a sigh when you meet the right person at the wrong time. And I understand that when you are right, you meet the right person, love, and in the wrong “.”

We only flirt and don’t love each other, okay?

I and you, men and women, who can’t escape love. Who is willing to have the courage to pay the heart. In urban life, men and women are inadvertently ambiguous. We are all worldly men and women, we doubt love, fear love, deny love, but we all can not stop, without exception, longing for and expecting love. In this restless age, under the surface of life calm, “

Light and darkness

Topic: light and dark Light and dark. Today, people who listen to music often feel that a person can enjoy themselves listening to music, but since she can feel and feel something from songs, why not share it? So today, although I am plain, but I think this song is a feeling after listening to myself today, and sharing it as a diary of today’s own. Name”

37 degree of heart: when love, these 3 kinds of men, do not marry!

Than derailed, sexless marriage is more terrible, domestic violence. Really, I look down upon the man playing a woman, especially one that has the tendency of domestic violence, more tolerance is 0. In my opinion, a man who plays a woman not only loses the gentlemanly manners of a man, but it must not be a reliable man. I remember Zhang Song “Fan City Zhao song” said that there is an emotion is a person’s instinct, the control of emotion is a person’s ability “.