It’s full of dynamic charm.

Hero City Nanchang is my birthplace. Here I have had a difficult childhood, a turbulent teenager, an inspiring youth, and a mature middle age. During this period, it experienced the development stages of the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution, the uphill and rural areas, the overthrow of the Gang of Four, the reform and opening up, the revitalization of China and the realization of the Chinese dream. Experienced students, educated youth, teachers and many other identity changes. On this land

Travel notes

The White Dew is not on the top of the sun, and the drizzle wakes up the half waist cicada. The swallow finches foraging to the nest. The hills lie in clouds and rain in summer. Because of the Heavenly Kingdom of Wolong, the ancient town of white gauze resembles the heavenly palace. In the dragon pond, there are two flying wings. The tortoise probe looks at the rising sun, and the Xianju small building is in Yangshuo. Kirin mountain and beyond Taoyuan, only beautiful ladies can join hands.

You and me

Who said, “years without signs”? Who is to say that the mountains have no edge, heaven and earth? Well… I know you like me and start from the same class. Unfortunately, I don’t like you. Perhaps from the beginning of our enemies, you are cheap, I fight, others see it very happy. Then, I remember you seriously saying, “what is our relationship?” Naturally, I replied, “friend.

Ten years of friendship between colleagues

In the morning of December 6, 2011, he telephoned his old friend’s poetry home. His wife answered the phone. I said, “I am Lao Wang, what about poetry?” Sorrowful cries came from the microphone: “Poetry fell ill on the bed, could not sleep, could not eat, could not even drink water, depending on nutrient solution to maintain life, it seems almost impossible.” I was shocked. I never expected my old friend to be so ill and concerned.

Epilogue of Tanabata Festival

Last Friday was the traditional Chinese festival – Tanabata Festival. Qixi Festival is also Valentine’s Day in China. In 2006, Qixi Festival was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list by the State Council. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, lovers will give each other holiday gifts and pass each other’s holiday Acacia. Merchants have also made great efforts to make sales advertisements for products, which once made Tanabata seem particularly meaningful and far-reaching. Qixi Festival originated in the Han Dynasty and the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Despise and think highly of

Looking down on and looking up to this is a very sensitive topic, penetrating into every corner of life, all aspects, omnipresent. This is an eternal topic, where there are rivers and lakes where there are feelings of warmth, high and low. It’s a question of values. Look down on, treat you as if you were nothing, look up to, respect you as if you were God. Despise, because you have no title, no learning.

Early autumn

Early autumn Wen / Handan Chen Yong August, the early autumn wind dissipated the heat, driving away the tidewater, blue sky, floating white clouds, autumn is also getting thicker and thicker. Feeling time passed so fast that time passed away unconsciously. The early autumn sun did not have the past hot, pushed open Xuan window, a ray of cool head on, in this warm autumn season, with the pace of time

On the way

Hi! Hello, another day of hope! End! Time, just between the drips, are you still in the original place, year after year, do you achieve a small goal of your own, whether you have realized your dream, and whether it has been achieved, the ta? The seasons never stop. Maybe we haven’t changed much. Maybe we’re still doing the same thing. Maybe we’re still feeling the same way.

Wait for the moon

Wait for the Moon Author: Fu Yushan autumn is the most impressive than the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival is the most impressive than that round of Mid-Autumn Festival, when people watch the moon on TV, where are you? Are you watching the Mid Autumn Festival party on TV? I was in Daye’s hometown, Fu Jiagou, put my footsteps in the tired night of my hometown, sitting on the old house threshold pier, open all imagination, waiting for that person to stay in the mountains