How did I fall in love with an insect?

While I was watching TV fascinatedly, my little niece suddenly came up to me and said she had found a bug in the yard. I couldn’t help laughing when I saw the little niece’s fuss. “I thought it was a big deal. It was just a bug. It scared you like this.” I ignored my niece and watched TV. But the little niece looked solemnly and said, “uncle, if

Talk about tea

I don’t know tea, but I really like tea. There are only two kinds of tea in the world, one is “Chai Mi Yao Yan Sauce Vinegar Tea” and the other is “Qin Qi Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry, Wine Tea” – a kind of only appetite, a kind of nourishing mood. Drinking tea is the best for a person, or only for 32 confidant. Tea is also quiet. The wine is noisy, the wine table is boasting, blowing oneself, blowing others, bluff.

Qinghai Lake: Poetry and distance

Accompanied by the drizzle, we set off to Qinghai Lake with long-standing expectations and enthusiasm. The journey was smooth, without the turbulence and uncomfortable plateau reaction that had previously been feared, and the weather was interesting and naughty, and the sun shyly hid in the clouds when it first met the sun. So the wind blew up, and the rain was thrown to the window by the wind and poured down from the top of the car, weaving a curtain. I thought the rain would happen.

The sun is still, we are still

Xingguo County is a place where generals and martyrs are gathered. It is a world-renowned county seat for generals. It is a red sacred place unique to the whole country. The fifty-six generals in the general museum are not the same generation. Each of them has the glory of the times and deserves the support and support of the people. They are outstanding generals, and are the backbone of the Republic. Fifty-six shining stars to illuminate the total.

Red breath

Although it had arrived in Ganzhou last night, it was not until today that the city was officially recognized. Because by the time yesterday arrived, the night had swallowed up everything, and the scattered lights were not enough for me to look at the city. The old red capital is full of revolutionary past. Perhaps everyone will have a red culture in their hearts, or a red song with a lot of blood, or a history book of the face

Like a dream, wake up

Sleep quietly at night, drizzle misty chic, let the spray gently drop from the corner of the eye, over the eyebrows of grass. Faint with the wind drifting, reach out to touch the fingertips of lotus leaves, secretly lit the lantern, put down the memories of the past. Long with the rain swaying, a little rain dragging you gently skirt corner, counting the footprints of time, forget the world’s fireworks. Quietly watching the shadows in the rain, slowly

Meet yourself

Pick up the pen, some sink, looking at the dots of ink on Xuan paper. Lengthened, the boundary between black and white is so obvious, originally a brilliant ink painting, but now it is a large silent character, the atmosphere is overwhelming, quiet and delicate tenderness like water, in that moment, there may be a million possibilities, the result is on the contrary, powerless collapse on the brown floor, left the room. Heavy metal

Son learning

It’s time for my son to go to seventh grade, Wu Xiande / Wen Kaixue. When he mentioned that his son was studying in Zhengzhou, my father had a stomach full of bitter water. My hometown is located in a remote and backward mountain area of Gushi County in the Dabie Mountains of Southern Henan Province. It is a poor mountain area with a lot of people and little land. In the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, there was still a traffic jam, and my family lived in Adobe grass.