Small episode

While Lin Xiang was preparing to flip coins, he received his phone call. “You can really keep your chin up. I’ve been away for so long, except you, everyone else has been here.” “Ha ha, don’t you remember me? My goal has been achieved. “What do we have to do with friendship? We don’t need to do this.” “I think so too. Do you know me or do I know you?” Lin Xiang Chung


In their own world, everyone is a passer-by in a hurry, they may just put down their steps, read your story a little, watch your movie plot, patience to evaluate your world view, may be in their own business, leave your world in a hurry. Even if they are friends, they can only accompany you through a few roads, even if they are family members, can not accompany you.

Strength, courage and spirit (Kang Youshan)

Get up and walk in the morning and see an interesting scene on the side of the road. An ant the size of a pinhole, dragging a spider ten times or twenty times his size, was moving slowly. Seeing that the spider was still struggling, its legs kept moving and struggling. It seemed reluctantly to be towed away. However, it can not resist the dragging and dragging of ants, or it is towed away bit by bit. Ant ants

Mr. Shi Ying said that everyone’s life is not his own.

Mr. Shi Ying said that everyone’s life is not his own. On one occasion, Mr. Shi told me: “everyone’s life is not their own, but their parents. Children are the continuation of their parents’ lives and their parents’ hopes and expectations. ” When I heard this, I was shocked and asked, “The teacher said that everyone’s life is his own. He has the right to decide his own future and realize his own price.

Summer flowers, once opened a deep feeling

Autumn is always unconscious, the story of the summer has not yet ended, a window of bright, colorful clusters, fighting for fragrance and brilliance followed, one after another, summer flowers opened affectionate, can not tell which bunch, Gardenia blossom, or jasmine contention, are drunk a roll, another long love. I never liked to be noisy. I read a line of words in my house. I dropped a petal of the affectionate character.

Do you want to go home at some point?

She is short, baby face, everyone will think she is very small, she will still be in junior high school. In fact, she has graduated from university soon. She was always naive in our eyes, naively thinking it was a good world and there was no bad person. A few days ago, she talked with her about going home, and her mood was always depressed. She said she seldom went home because she had to sit well every time.

Autumn in Fuzhou

Fuzhou’s autumn text / fresh water spring is “the best way to do everything.” This is a poem written in the Northern Song Dynasty, Fuzhou and Fuzhou. It means autumn is the highest value in Fuzhou. The best tourist season in Fuzhou is autumn. Another person, who has not yet set foot on the land of Fuzhou, has already believed in the beauty of autumn. He is Xin Qiji. 1192

Big black ditch, please remember that we came here.

In August 10th, the sky in Xining was bright and clear, with sunshine and a smile. A man stands on the Bank of the Nanchuan River and looks out into the distance. Several smiling clouds with a heavy concern float lightly from the direction of the Great Black Gully. Big black ditch, since you miss us, why do we arrive at eleven and sometimes it rains cats and dogs? What do I say to you? It is said that the legendary Princess Wencheng passed by in Tibet.

Do your best.

“In the difficult years of the revolution, the hero stood his ground, preferring to walk to the butcher’s knife rather than yield.” This is the true portrayal of Qu Qiubai’s life. His determination and passion to reform the old China strongly inspired the vigorous vitality and enterprising spirit of the Chinese youth at that time. Living in the turbulent times of war, Qu Qiubai was doomed to an extraordinary life after experiencing hard and arduous schooling. Qu autumn