As boundless as the sea and sky

The little unknown flower in the corner of the wall sways in the autumn breeze and struggles to leave its mother, but it turns the beauty of life into a dream, leaves yellow, flowers withered, the autumn sunshine gently soothes it, but it is also sad beautiful young face full of sad head stone death blocked the tears of the beautiful sunshine sorrow Soak up the warm world and look up to the sky blue as picturesque as pure.

Finally, I met her, a mirror of China’s sky.

The track left by history stretches far away in the vast white salt lake, as if to lead to the mysterious world, this place that people yearn for, can no longer think of any reason to refuse her, such as into a dream, as if separated from the world, let people haunt the dream… Since I know the existence of the Saline Lake, I think I must go and have a look here. Not long ago, I was carrying my bags on my own and I had been expecting her for a long time.


When I was little, the old man I called “Niang” and “Po” had four or five or seven or eight children at home. Their children and grandchildren lap around their knees, thrive and enjoy their family happiness. However, the thick grandmother was all alone and the house was cold and clear. She lived in an alley at the back door of my house. She was a young widow, and her only son, Houding, learned to be a copper worker in Shanghai in her early years, and then settled down there and became a family. At that time, grandma more than 70

Another word for abandonment is “the longing for life”.

Very want to know, very want to know, 517 dormitory that pot of fire dragon fruit, that lovely three fire dragon fruit is still on the balcony, whether healthy, whether, has borne fruit. Very much, very much, desperate to rush up to visit them. In an instant, it seems that I also learned to “discard”, or, what I have been abandoning. (1) the cactus next to pitaya’s small table, though

Key, lock

A key opens a lock, and several identical keys can open the same lock. This is the reason everyone understands. Calm down! Happy! Harvest! Success! What kind of key should we use to lock these smart locks in life? In fact, each of us can have a golden key to success, which is diligence, effort, confidence and not afraid of setbacks. Han Yu said that diligence and diligence lay waste.

Soliciting manuscripts, love is in Lijiang, China’s Tanabata love poetry. The bitterness of acacia is forgotten in the night.

Love a person really tired love the bitterness of fatigue in the dark, you let me cry, you let me break, you let me break, you let me drunk, you make me sad, you let me become a person really tired, lonely sadness fill the whole heart, you let me sad, you let me sad, you let me worry, you let me sad love the taste of true It’s sour and spicy. I miss you. I miss your subtle taste. I love you.

Walk gently, live with your heart, and build a life of peace and elegance.

In his spare time, I read a story written by Mr. Lin Qingxuan in his book “Walking softly and living attentively”, which benefited me a lot. The excerpts are as follows: “Once upon a time, there was a saint named Dragon Tree who practiced Yoga without death and had achieved real success. There was no way to kill him unless he wanted to die or the cause of death came. However, dragon tree knows there is another way.

Maintain oneself from four aspects

2018-08-24 Maintains oneself from four aspects along with the age growth, must learn to maintain oneself, thus can prolong one’s life. There are many ways to maintain myself. My experience mainly includes the following four aspects. First, diet. I used to think I had a good appetite, a good smell and a great body, so I ate a lot of food, and as a result, my blood sugar went up. In fact,


The cold water slid from the corners of the eyes to the corners of the mouth, like a hand suddenly quietly seized my heart, infinite happiness mixed with pain, I fell in love with the stimulation of tears, I will always remember this kind of broken pain, no tears, no voice, only pain.