On vacation, I went back to my hometown in the countryside. I saw my father and mother who had not seen me for half a year. After lunch, my mother went to the room and dug for half a day in the bag, and handed me a small cloth bag. “Just leave the four thousand yuan, and keep it for you.

Lead the way

The words “Leading the Way” and the picture scrolls of the marsh pool and Gobi in the early morning sunshine of Nanjing flowing silently for thousands of miles in time, like Sanskrit sounds, into the stream of vines in the stringed woods, striding across the cold and warm grasslands, across the ocean, through the half-world heel The pace of exploration opens up the origin of the hidden truth and seeks the city once.

Accompany the mother

The afternoon sunshine of her mother Wen/Song Yuhui, who was reading with her, was exhausted and lazy, and shined on Xin Nan, who was equally exhausted and lazy on the old-fashioned grey cloth sofa, as if an invisible pale mist had covered her, making her very pale face look even paler. Xin Nan, 40, has a very pale, melancholy face that does not correspond to her age, with white hair protruding from her forehead and temples.

Rambling My Way of Life

Not long ago, I suddenly got a call from an old mother of a classmate. I couldn’t believe it. The old mother of a classmate cried loudly on the phone. The old man told me in a trembling voice that her son, my old classmate, had just died. I was surprised to hear the news. Half a day did not slow down. My old classmate has passed away.

Life is pessimistic.

The older we grow, the more we want to hide, because the things we bear make us more and more afraid to think. Never feel younger, you can continue to waste the past today, once you have the idea of escape and procrastination symptoms will become numb, lose the ideal of life, lose direction to the goal, so recognize what you should do, better recognize your age, because it only takes years

Life is a book that can never be read.

In my life, I do not know from when, reading has become my hobby, has become a necessary part of my life. Reading has become my spiritual pillar, perhaps this is my understanding of books. However, there are many ways to read, some people can change their minds, some people can change their lives, some people read for nothing, and some people read through the horns of the ox. For a year,


Why was it so easy and fearless to say that love was because you were too young to know what love was? Why did you feel like you were having a hard time, but it was the simplest and most innocent relationship? Why did you promise to know everything without thinking? A promise is an indefinite debt. Why was it so innocent?

Not alone, accompanied by a gentleman.

I adjusted several sleeping positions, my eyes were sour, or I couldn’t sleep. Summer night, shallow, it seems almost dawn, occasionally a few cars driving voice. Luckily, the alarm clock was deep and dripping. It reminded me that it was midnight. In the corner of the room, the quiet refrigerator, uneasy, hissing and growling, balanced but pale, made my empty room look even worse.

Wait till the end of the world

Simu, a freshman in Class 13 of Senior Two, turned this semester. She was a very quiet girl with a tall horse’s tail. She walked silently, stubborn and strong. No one came near her at all. However, Chan can dare, the whole class is countdown, and the best he paints is. Can Li and Si Mu are the front and back tables. Can Li, who doesn’t attend class, always holds a brush and paints the look of Si Mu and occasionally uses a brush.

You are good and powerful.

You should be kind, and the strength is not only good, but also strong has not been on this site for five years, just read the reply, the last message is in 2013, when I was still in junior high school, the language is full of green and childish. But I also found a terrible thing, when I had a clear goal, a spirit of struggle, still thinking about how to do well in my mind.