Like, over

I do not know how to think about it. I’ve seen a quote before: “I really loved you, I thought about taking you to see the first snow of the Forbidden City, the coastline of Alaska every year; I’d like to be alone with you, watching the tides on your pillows, the red carpet auditorium, the dusk plains, and I’d like to share them with you; I’d like to imagine sharing them with you. Live together until white

August — autumn soft

I don’t know how many autumn nights to wake up a laughing autumn dream; I don’t know how many leaves to pave the bright, in order to change back to the poetic mellow. Who left the autumn beauty to the boundless land? Who will embellish the colorful maple leaves and decorate them into the most beautiful gallery. Looking across the beautiful banyan tree on the roadside, it fell on the shining Bank of Minjiang.


I have been away from my hometown for some days. I still remember when I returned to my hometown last year, smelling the strange smell of my hometown, reminding me of the sad past and never forgetting the pain here. A scar was torn in my heart and I thought it was impossible to come back. Walking along the concrete road in all directions, look at the family built a high-rise buildings, the surrounding fertile land is gradually barren


You can’t see your brother and you go home. Waiting for my darling’s sister to shout, there is no cool breeze left at the junction. * in the river, several pairs of ducks are envied and envied. When our younger brother arrives, when will we get together? * * sunset, difficult to grasp by hand, and gully cover for the night. I want to see the passerby’s younger sister calling.

Soliciting manuscripts, love in Lijiang, China Qixi love poetry, you are my most favorite person in life.

You’re the one I love the most in my life. I never dare to break my heart against the way you look at your haggard face. I want to grieve with you. You’re the most beautiful flower in my heart. I’ve never been so touched by anyone. I don’t care how much I devote to loving you because you’re beautiful or I love you. The promise of insipid promise is no longer perfect as if I had drunk a cup of Coptis.


Their elder brother is the chief executive of a state-owned enterprise with good benefits and prospects, while Lin Xiang leads his son’s choice of prospective daughter-in-law who wants to work there. The written examination results are good, but who can guarantee the interview? The family dinner has eaten several times, the wine has drunk innumerable bottles, but the leader is all Tai Chi master, one side does not specify the other side also does not have certain faith. Later, the training object of the leaders of the teacher’s younger brother unit was a little negligent.

Wandering in the sea of poetry, the defender of literary perseverance

The moon tonight is cool and emotional, but not, that kind of transparent, let the sky clouds, surrounded by large white clouds, there is really “jade plate hanging high, beads round and moist; the sky and the ground, as if white”. Playing with the sun, enjoying the happiness of the family, the joy and joy. But suddenly, looking at that month, my understanding came to me. Ha-ha, the thought of “the road is long, and I will go up and down to seek it.”

Interest makes Wen Huan colorful.

Interest makes Wen Huan colorful: Guo Yousheng’s interest in reading essays by writer Wang Jianxia is an artistic beauty. Once this beauty is discovered by the eye of artistic wisdom, there is a soul-stirring charm, which is what we call resonance. I read Wang Jianxia’s Travel Notes on Two Mountains, for which I was moved: the hills in the shops were not the exquisite peaks, but the mountains were gentle and the gullies were vertically and horizontally.


Lao Li’s son went to the United States and settled in the United States. There was a sensation in the village at that time. Lao Li is very proud of his son. The whole village envied Lao Li’s capable son. Lao Li walked in the village, and neighbors often pointed to Lao Li and said to their children, “Look, Grandpa Li’s sons have gone to the United States, and you must work hard in the future.” Every hearing is heard.

Friendship in Xiamen

On the morning of May 22, 2012, old friends Chen Younan and Chen Xianxian took the high-speed train from Xiamen to Shanghai to visit us. They arrived at Hongqiao Railway Station at 6:10 p.m. I took the bus 2 hours earlier to pick them up at the station. It was quite smooth all the way, and then arrived home more than an hour later. The old man put the newly cooked hot dumplings on the table, and everyone ate and talked. After a long separation, I was filled with emotion.