Lu Mo’s sorrow

Lu Mo Chou * * * big wind, will not scrape lost, once drunk, you boil my porridge. On the road to work, your brother will be in his arms and he will be there with you. Don’t send the elder brother to the elder brother. * * did not listen, cicada insect chirp, your words, filled with several pockets. Working road, brother will bring along with you in a few years of spring and autumn, my sister do not want to think more.


A Niu was a member of Kate Tong. She worked in the coastal area. She said she would come back and ask me to go to her. I went, together with my friends. Kaitang in the south-west of the city, from the city, through the south of Gulong Shangjiaba Liang, at this time we are actually in the North Bank of the Qingshui River ridge through. Following the winding mountain road, and then wandering into the valley of the Qingshui River, to the coastal town of Carey,

Win and leave

Xiao Minwan and Li Quanman give up is a knowledge, it is related to the choice. It is right to stick to something you like. But if we stick to it without good results, then we should learn to give up. You should know that there is a gift. Huang Bo, the famous film emperor, liked singing since childhood. After he graduated from high school, he formed a band called Blue Sand.

Warm reception of old father

On August 25, 2012, our eldest daughter and son-in-law accompanied the old couple to drive to Hangtou Town in Pudong New Area to visit their elderly parents. On parting, let the old man come back with us for some time. The old woman said, “I am sick, my ears are deaf, and I do not want to go there, so I stay at home.” The old man said, “I have long wanted to visit your home. I used to be a doorman in my grandson factory.

It’s really nothing.

The heart gradually tranquil, past events like smoke and clouds, no longer entanglements, there is no need to tangled. What is the relationship between right and wrong? It’s all over. Only by laying down can we live today and tomorrow. Divorce at the age of forty is no doubt a bolt from the blue. It made me unprepared. When a man is desperate, what is the love between husband and wife, what is the love between children, in his eyes these are nothing.

It may be hard to find a friend with three views and the same friends.

Emotion is expendable, and it will never come back if it is consumed. It is said that we will encounter an average of 890,000 people in this life, of which only love with the individual, can only make friends with dozens of people, can only play with you in single digits, can make friends with none of them. It’s hard to find a person with three views, not just because the conditions are right together. Difficult to return, but three views.


In the age of reform, no one could escape the flood. The post function and the personnel adjustment, everybody disturbs one after another, Lin Xiang matters not concern oneself, may not have thought that first affects is oneself. He asked Lin Xiang to go to the office to talk. No new tea nor bedding, he asked Lin Xiang’s attitude to the adjustment. “Do whatever you want me to do, absolutely obey, just pay.” As for the functions of the Department and the superiors

The heart has spring light

Heart has spring author: Xiao Minwan, Li Quanman has a village called snail village, living in a small snail, called a nest, a small nest in front of a big tree, that is the village’s tallest ancient tree. In the spring of March, the ancient trees were dripping, and the shaded trees had covered the home of the nest. Xiao has always had a dream. He wants to climb to the top of the ancient tree and have a good look at the village.

Love after knowing

Rong Brother, I, Xiang Er, since that day courage to send you a message, Xiang Er miss you more irremediable, our memories, our dribs and drabs, countless nights dream of you, recall you, the original, you have been deeply rooted in my heart, filled with your heart, we are together Every picture is like a movie playback.

That she, are you okay?

I think everyone has an important person in his childhood. I remember when I was a kid, I loved to cry. Every time, no matter what I found out, I cried. After I cried, I was angry and locked myself in the room so that no one could disturb me. I was so emotional and moody that my parents were partial to my sister. Until her appearance changed my life.