Autumn in the North

The autumn prose of the Northern Kingdom / Chen Yong of Handan in September, calm and peaceful, season with dipped in red dust and ink incense pen tips, in the time of the book on the outline of a colorful autumn picture. Feng Dan red, ginkgo yellow, fruit rich, chrysanthemum fragrance, all of these portrayal of the northern autumn color. In this season full of the joy of harvest, blue sky and white clouds are not willing to be weak, all come to join the lively autumn, blue sky as if painted.

Love speech sentences excerpt (Kang Youshan)

From temperament, grace and accomplishment, the author of the article said that Kang Youshan’s true love is the true meaning of life, true love is the eternity of the world, true love is human instinct, true love is the power of youth. Like picture and symphonic poem, it can depict the most beautiful pictures and play the most moving movement. Love itself is a wave from the bottom of my heart.

A collection of homesick typical sentences (Kang Youshan)

Hometown, that is the deep feeling of soul penetrating. That kind of love, no matter who you are, can not give up. For there is all that is connected with your life, where your soul is molded, and every cell that shapes you is the nurturing that gives you the growth of your life. In a word, every little bit of your life is what it gives you. Wind and grass can see the prairie of cattle and sheep.

bad suggestion

Every case has a person to lead, but not alone can be completed, so the end of the unit is the examination of the target department, and ultimately as a reward to each person’s funds, everyone’s consensus is that the sponsors and assistants in accordance with a certain proportion of distribution, Lin Xiang’s Department has been operating so, it is not absolutely public. Ping, but very open, colleagues also recognized. It’s coming back to the end of the year, because

Why is it getting old?

It’s been a long time since I graduated, sleeping late every day, staying up late every night, and looking forward to the weekend every week. Always feel that he is still young and wantonly spending his youth. Until that day, a long lost person looked at me and said, “why do you have so many white hair on your head?” The speaker had no intention of listening. From that day on, I began to pay attention to the white hair on my head. Every morning, brush your teeth in front of the mirror.

Life is a bosom friend, not a man of destiny.

Life is a song a bosom friend, do not bear a predestined person love a love fate, life only for one person love life, constantly meet, continue to leave are integrated into the story of life, even if the wrong shoulder, but also the love of the past life side missed, will be the fate of others, cherish, is their own fate Therefore, no pain, the road ahead will always meet our fate, quietly choose.

Five misunderstandings in realizing your dreams, have you stepped on thunder?

Everyone has a dream, but everyone’s dream is different. Dreams are beautiful. When people think of this, they always have infinite motivation. But there are five minefields on the way to realize their dreams. Have you stepped on them? First, I believe in overnight fame. There are a lot of people around us who are always telling us that so-and-so wrote a piece of soft paper, sent a video, or developed one.

Walking and losing, all the rest is memories.

Walking along lost, the rest are memories of walking along, familiar with the people slowly unfamiliar, like the people slowly left, the lost people slowly released. Walking along, sad things slowly forgotten, sensational things slowly calmed down, troubled things slowly forgotten. As we walk, our age grows, our mentality is mature, and our temper is temperate. Walk

Thinking is the cornerstone building of life.

People are social animals, from ancient times to modern times, with no exception, especially in the flourishing development of commercial and economic activities today, but also frequent contacts, tangles, such as goods procurement, commodity circulation, interpersonal communication, relatives and neighbors, travel, mountain crossing, water bridge… It is almost impossible for us to escape because of the spectacular situation. If there is no astute and capable mind, he is good at thinking and wisdom.

I am waiting for your letter.

From that day, they flashed for months. How are you doing? I have thousands of words to tell you, but I don’t know where to start. I live in a muddled way every day. I always feel that time is like a sea line connecting the water and the sky. At first sight, it gives people the illusion of magnificence. After that, I have seen it for a long time and felt it more, but Er Er. Now, I live in peace, with no ambition.