Rain and fall

Rain, silently wandering, drifting, waving the tears of dreams, night language, quiet and natural, listening to the rain fairy tales, singing the songs of dreams. Writing on the water quietly, breaking the ripples, flowing back the shadow of dreams, a tear dripping away. In the rain swing, who knows the secret behind the movie? Pick a leaf and let the rain touch your toes. A drop of tear, no rain and no perfume.

Boundless night

The night is vast, the moon is in tears, and the silent reed is shining. The autumn wind was deep in the night and returned to the right mandarin duck. The chirp is not pleasant. * * River, tears, eyes, silent empty hill. The autumn wind was gone, and the herd boy was catching up with the sheep. Baa Baa is not pleasant to hear. * * * *

Childhood memories

These days a bit of magic, always like to recall the things of childhood, distressed is a blank mind, childhood memories are few and vague. Childhood is like a grain of dust in the air, in the sunshine, a moment into people’s eyes, wait until you go to find that one do not know; childhood is like a tear left when a child was wronged, blink an eye, no trace;

Reunion in the glorious season

Time is like the murmuring water of a small river. In this rainy summer, our new house, which is located in the second phase of Xinfeng Xuecheng City, Longfeng District, Daqing, has been living for nearly three months under the elaborate arrangement of my wife and I. The appointed meeting time with the family in Ziwako, Shandong Province, is approaching. When I think of meeting my best friend in my life, I feel very clear.

Middle-aged person

No one in this world is rust. Those people who are bright and bright are just hiding their rust spots. All men are men. But do you know how easy it is to destroy a man who is above all else? A failed investment and a sudden unemployment. Maybe it’s a bit vague. Maybe it’s my own year.

The river is gurgling

In the depths of my memory, there is always a small river, flowing in the river. When I was in my first grade, I moved to a small town with my mother who worked with her. There is a small river in our town, just behind our living quarters. The river is about ten meters wide, and the river seems very deep. My mother always gives me repeated orders not to let me go. Perhaps it is because the stone steps leading to the river are somewhat steep, and the adults are afraid that the children will be there.


“Tian, I have something to report to you.” Lin Xiang found a new colleague’s former department leader. “I know what you want to say, there is nothing to discuss and can not encourage this kind of atmosphere.” “What is encouragement? What is it? Unhealthy trend? Can the problems reflected by department colleagues should not be reported upwards? ” Lin Xiang didn’t expect to be blocked up when he opened his mouth.

Unforgettable gathering of old classmates

On the morning of May 22, 2013, Lianxiang, Ni Kowloon, Shi Lingying, Wang Yaozhong, Zheng Xuefen, Dai Zaiming and other friends were invited to attend a reunion at Xinchang Middle School in Hangtou Town, Pudong. At 7 o’clock in the morning, we departed from Qingjian Road in Putuo District, took the subway and bus, arrived at Xinchang Town in more than an hour, and visited Ni Kowloon’s brother’s home first. Later, retire from Xinjiang to the new market.

The mall is cold now.

2018-09-05 Now the shopping mall is very cold for a long time did not enter the mall, yesterday morning accompanied his wife to a shopping mall to pick up the goods. I found the mall clean and full of goods, but unfortunately the whole mall was deserted and there were few customers going to the mall. Nowadays, online shopping has entered millions of households. There are all kinds of online shopping, with guaranteed quality and low price.