I want to tell you what I want to say on teacher’s day.

Another day is another teacher’s day. Every time at this time, I want to say the four words “Happy Holiday” to my brother, because my elder brother’s education and care for me from childhood, too much. Without his attentive teaching, no one taught me to paint, there was no such thing as me today. At that time, if my brother hadn’t insisted on teaching me to study art and let me go to senior high school, I really would not.

Praise my dear mother

Praise my dear mother, Peach / Wen, now that I am a father, I feel more and more the hardship of being a mother, and have a good song for children: “There is only a mother in the world, and a mother’s child is like a treasure, thrown into the mother’s arms, happiness can not be won…” But how hard is mom’s “good” job?

Written before teachers’ Day

When the thirty-fourth teachers’ Day is coming, various towns and villages have been preparing teachers’ Day activities. Walking on the road, flowers can be seen everywhere, these are new additions today. A strong flower touched the nose when the breeze swept away. Most of the flower sellers are local Uygurs. When you come near, they will speak Chinese to you in less standard Mandarin. Although they can’t understand it sometimes, they always hold it in their hands.

A letter to the child

First, believe in yourself before others can believe you. You’re like a tree growing in a greenhouse, and though you’ve been more or less tempered, maybe you’ve been through some tough times, I don’t think that’s hardship. On the way you grow up, you lack sunshine, water and fertilizer, so to speak, you have not experienced the green and astringent, and go straight into maturity. As for the tree,

Wake up

Time passes, can not keep up with the pace of time, often by its relentless pull, pull, look back on the moment it is early morning, the shadow of yesterday’s morning and night has not lingered in my mind, the rest of the morning is now dark and silent. You’re losing yourself day after day, and you don’t know what’s left or what’s left. You only know that the new day is at a loss.


When we were young, we hoped that the tie was a tricycle carrying two places, one muddy road, one heart and two legs were our tools to connect us to school when the tie was three meals a day, the oil and salt study homework that year began to live in the school tie is every weekend, holidays graduated, work A bond is an endless phone call and an annual spring.

Grandson comes back to me

At dinner on August 31, 2013, my grandson said to me every day, “Grandpa, the day after tomorrow school will start. You are near the school. You can ride a bicycle in 15 minutes. It takes at least half an hour to get to school by bicycle from our house. In order to save time and study hard, I want to stay with you at school and come back to my home on weekends. Can you do that? For the sake of children’s study, I am very comfortable.

Say wine

The history of wine is also quite long. The legend is that Du Kang has made it. Now it is no Shi Ke. Du Kang’s wine making is regarded as “wine saint”, but it is probably Liu Ling who really develops wine. It is said that Liu Ling drank all day long and told his wife to bury himself if he was drunk. One day, Liu Ling drank the wine of Du Kang, and when he was drunk, he buried him. Three years later, Dukang came to ask for money and opened the coffin, Liu Lingmian.

Small talk to prevent marriage from being accidentally attacked (Kang Youshan)

Marriage is the promise of lifelong love, the last good ending of love. But it is different from love, because it is the harvest of love, and everyone’s life is the most expected choice, is a lifetime of expectations. Therefore, we must be cautious. It is everyone’s expectation and the promise of everyone to carry out the marriage in the end. Defending marriage is not entirely the intention of both sides of the marriage, because it