The autumn wind is a thread.

Summer to fall to winter gradually return, the fate of the people do not depend on; memories of painful sorrow for six years, bit by bit to remember; love sails stranded in the dream of a beautiful woman tired; these words exist in me too much love and helplessness, every autumn, will inadvertently think of me and actress (alias) that beautiful back Reminisce. In the gloomy sky of late autumn, the scene of the past was stained with the sad season.

Fleeting time, memory of the war!

Living years (six years) busy figure, accompanied by time in a hurry, emotional separation then faded; through the gap in the years, looking back on the separation of love, only once the vicissitudes of life and the agony of missing. Looking back on the past, I realized that many things in life have disappeared so quickly and helplessly in silence, but also in such a hurry and leave no trace. The other day I read a book with a poem in it.

Type five friends

If money is compared to material wealth and wisdom to spiritual wealth, then friends are both material and spiritual wealth. A person’s life can be much less, but friends are few and few. Man is a social animal. If a man loses his friends, his life will be lonely and desolate. As Yu Guangzhong said, “a man may not have a wife in his life.”

Middle age is like autumn

When autumn leaves fall in the veins of time carving, the season is full of the flavor of autumn. Time is no longer publicized, the sun is also less a momentum, but more heavy and stable, autumn water dust-free, quiet and beautiful to the extreme, safe and clear autumn, just like middle-aged people, no longer pay attention to the outside, more is the heart of the fullness and fullness. The season is from shallow to deep, and life is from thin to thick, depending on years.

Passing through your world – very lucky

Maybe you say it’s a photographic talent and I think if you care about it, it’s lucky to be able to pass your world and be a dog’s grass in your hand and put a Love Follow to hide my sadness with the magic of the notes. Maybe you say I’m too sad and I just want to You don’t mind, if you can quietly think of you, be quiet and melancholy.

Companion in ward

On February 23, 2014, my wife was hospitalized for a week with a broken bone. After the operation, my daughter and I were accompanied by her during the day for four consecutive days. At night, my daughter slept in an empty bed in the ward. My wife called her as soon as she had something to do. She couldn’t sleep soundly. It was hard enough. Today, the daughter said, “I will go to work tomorrow, and I will go home to sleep tonight.” I said, “OK, go home and sleep.” Your mother’s wound has been much better these two days.

The waves of years

Years have seen through the peak of waiting for the moment when I was too lonely three years to look at the book of life and death, Fuyunshan heart has been discharged to the customs, so that the lonely emperor can not bear to hide the loneliness of the present drink intoxicated the heart of the king who realizes that life will never be guilty only to wave a different hand to write Jiangshan and the vast Hang write greed And plain life, I have no regrets but hate no one to accompany me for a dream. Two or three

Confession of marriage

Time turns youth into memory, dreams into forgetting, perseverance into heavy, have become wives and mothers in a flash, have no youth, have lost dreams to adhere to their marriage, my marriage is about to be accomplished, of course, there are many indescribable frictions in life, there is the world’s most difficult to overcome the mother-in-law of all time Struggle, think of the ups and downs in it is the most tears, and now many people talk about it.

Cherish it for the rest of your life.

At 4:00 a.m., lonely, cold, I lie quietly, recalling the first half of my life on the road, I walk too hastily accidentally lost the original innocence and happiness so the rest of my life I want to slow down the pace of simple peace, indifferent to see the gains and losses, so that I can not change the reality, only change the mentality, learn to tolerate. I can only believe in beauty when facing a bad life. Maybe I will meet beauty eventually.

What’s not best is the best.

Two years after you lost contact. I married him. As I said, women must find someone who loves their pain. He is your junior high school classmate, your relationship is also good. On the day we got married, you gave me a big gift and telephoned me to bless me. Thank you. And until now, I have found that the seed that can not be put is buried deep in my heart, it is easy to be touched.