Letters to distant friends

Letter to a distant friend This is an ancient greeting across distant distances and the flow of time Asking what the distant friends will feel when the weather is slowly cooling season to send a blessing to a distant friend in the late autumn send a greeting to ask if you left yesterday’s love is still there May your life be more romantic and your future more beautiful.

Hello, stranger

Hello strangers think for a long time, only three words to express their heart at this moment, very sad, I do not know who I want to tell, do not know what to say, like eating flies like the general feeling, blocked panic, this may be hurried to the adult world of punishment. Recalling the last three months of life, dramatic life, ups and downs, through the school enrollment, applied for the China Railway

Autumn rains

Autumn rain, gently falling a maple leaf, sleeping on the swing, quietly sleep. The wind blows, wag the dream in the night, let the lights shine, and the rain in the night. Silently pray in the bottom of my heart, pick the tears of the tip of the leaf, dream of falling into the rain, and listen to the drip of the water spray in my dream. Tick tick – tick – tears in the sky, shadows in dreams, and light brushes in the rain. Night, guess the attachment of water spray.

Self confidence — the flower of my flower

Bernard Shaw said, “a confident person can turn small into greatness, and mediocrity is the magic.” Dante said, “it is my faith that enables me to float in the mire of life without being polluted.” If you want to succeed, remember that self-confidence is an absolutely indispensable quality for you. If the country wants to develop sustainably, leaving self-confidence is like a flower without roots fading sooner or later. Self confidence is a kind of heart.

When dreams become regrets

When dreams become regrets, what are dreams? Today I’m just going to talk about my ideas. Maybe I’m not talking about dreams, but I like the title. Imagine in a dream, vague, you want to achieve but always hang high above your head, can not reach, but do not want to stand on tiptoe. Maybe there are some dreams that we can’t achieve, but many of them are not directly tried.

There is a love called alien love.

July, August, August. I met my girlfriend in September of the third year of junior high school. It was strange to say that I hadn’t spoken to her for a whole semester. It can be said that we are strangers in a parallel world. At that time, they were preparing for their mid-term exams. The mid-term exam seems to me no matter. A seat at a certain time.

Don’t go with your wife, wife.

At noon on January 14, 2015, you and I walked in the rain to the hemodialysis room of the nearby Liqun Hospital, arm in arm and umbrella. In the afternoon, I went to the hospital to pick you up on time. In the lounge outside the hemodialysis room, I asked with concern: “how do you feel about hemodialysis today?” You said, “today is good, not uncomfortable, blood pressure is also normal.” So we went home on a three wheeled motorcycle. Back home

Autumn Aria

A bit of joy, a little tragic, autumn is always like this. From the beginning of a fallen leaf, people sigh the short life; from the beginning of a fruit, people know the meaning of cultivation. Autumn is different from spring, spring brings warmth, excitement and hope; autumn is different from summer, summer brings growth, vigor and prosperity; autumn is different from winter, winter brings people is

Love is love

“Love Is Love” is an album released by musician Chen Lin in 2001. It tells the story of Zhang Tianyu, a nineteen-year-old nursing school girl. Poor Tianyu was brought up by her sister when her parents died at the age of nine. Under her sister’s meticulous care like a mother, Tianyu was not as depressed and introverted as an orphan. On the contrary, she was beautiful in the sun. Pure and virtuous, facing graduation, ready to further study. Chen