The smoke cleared away and made you sober up.

Wen / rainy night people will always change with time and environment. At first, we changed our mind first. Some people said that where life goes, life will go there. There is some truth but not entirely right, because the highest state of mind is only thought. The practice of combining the two must work perfectly, but anyway, people always follow the environment. Slowly changing

The lights are fading, and the other shores are dying.

Wen / rainy night love every quiet morning, always like to listen to a familiar music. To perceive the beauty of the night and listen to the silent nocturnal sound. Every night that feels sleepless, there always seems to be a story. Every story of vicissitudes, it seems sad and silent precipitation and blossom, a lot of time the night came, the lights twisting and tranquil. How many people are sleeping now?

I lost myself for a year, and I found myself again.

I lost myself for a year, and this year I accomplished the second big thing in my life, married a man, and was promoted to a member of the naked marriage clan. Marriage didn’t make much difference to my life in a quiet life, but it made me lose myself. I didn’t know what I wanted. I am just a busy day living the same life, working on time, receiving and uploading.

The way to cultivate my reading habits

Count up, the beginning of a large number of contacts with books also counts when just entered the university, perhaps because the high school environment is limited, parents are strict, come to the university is not as versatile as other students, think of teacher Yang Jiang once said: think too much, because of less study! So I began my study in University. These years are not very long, but they have developed habits.

Wife, I miss you.

March 19, 2015, my wife left us two months ago, but in my heart, you did not leave, still accompany me day and night. On February 12, I posted a picture of you on the computer desktop. Every time I turned on the computer, I could see your beautiful smiling face. In order to miss you forever, I visited you and worshipped you at any time. On this day, I set up the loving wife Lian Xiangji on the Paradise Memorial Network.

The fragrance of cinnamon is very beautiful.

“The East Yangtze River passes away, and the waves wash away heroes. Right or wrong, turn around. Castle Peak is still in the sunset. The white hair fishermen and Chiang Zhu are accustomed to see the autumn wind and spring breeze. A pot of turbid wine meet with each other. How much has been done in ancient and modern times? Yang Sheng’an, Lin Jiang Xian, rolling Yangtze River, passing water to the east, walking in the streets and lanes of Xiangcheng, Xindu. The autumn of the latest days is cool and fragrant, beautiful and beautiful.

I was injured on the Internet.

Wen / Cheng, Hello, everyone. My name is Cheng song. I’m from Fuyang, Anhui. Some people say that the era we live in is the best, because this is the explosion of the Internet era, is the country’s strong support of the people’s entrepreneurship, innovation era. It doesn’t matter whether we have the ability, money, eloquence or education, just like I am.

Reverie in autumn rain

Continuous drizzle, drifting and sprinkling, like fog like rain and like the wind, more than the spring rain a little hasty, a little more tangled, a little more cold, cold autumn, wet the autumn landscape. The world is enveloped in a cloud of smoke, separated by the love between the mountains, a pair of foolish long-sighted eyes. The drizzle drizzled silently on the ground, and fully interpreted the charm of her charm and posture.

Osmanthus fragrans in August

“漫漫长路,起伏不能由我;人海漂泊,尝尽人情淡?H惹槿刃幕焕涞淠味嗌偕钋槎老砑拍H怂娣绻栽诨ㄓ致洌还苁兰洳咨H绾危恳怀欠缧酰瓜嗨级汲聊挥泄鸹ㄏ惆灯闭庑┌г垢猩说奈栏璐氏 Radon Emei?

Clang and excitement, momentum like rainbow, Shu Yuan’s strongest voice.

As an idle moment, benevolent Leshan, wise people like water, everyday leisure, reading and writing happily. Suddenly, on the anniversary of September 18th, I suddenly caught a glimpse of the poet Tan Ningjun’s poems of the ancient style [Listening to the March of the Great Knife]. His eyes jumped as if they were caught warping, clattering, inspired, and accompanied by a succession of memorial alarms outside the window, which were magnificent and elevated.