Today, she got married.

Today, she was married and looked at her message, I was silent. I pushed the door open and stood in the hallway, looking at the dark night, empty and empty. Everything is a game of fate. Everything is a choice of fate. The autumn evening wind is blowing, and a few are cold and some are bleak. Sweat drips from my face after running, and the sweat is as salty as tears. The night is a

No one can give you freedom except yourself.

In today’s materialistic society, it seems that people can never communicate without money. It seems that money is a symbol of a person’s worth. In the pursuit of money, people enjoy the glory brought by money, while people can not afford to be insulted by money. So, singing poems and distant hymns, at the same time desperately yearned for freedom. Freedom is neither in the distance nor in the distance.

Maldives travel notes

August 13, 2015, more than 4:00 a.m., my daughter Wang Qian and my family got up early to catch the capital plane?? 30 queue boarding, less than 7:00, our Hainan Airlines civil aviation passenger plane began to take off. After 7.5 hours of long flight, the plane passed through the clouds above Maldives and slowly landed. Overlooking the Maldives islands in the India Ocean from the porthole is like wandering in a vast ocean.

Are you still making blind choices?

Wen / Cheng Song had a friend recommend a project to me this morning, and in fact, many people recommend it to me every day; I also believe that his project can make money, and I hope he can make money. We are free to do any project, but freedom is not blind. I want to ask a few questions about the people who do the project; 1. Do you have a clear purpose in choosing a project? Or do you do what others are doing? 2.

Looking forward to Mid Autumn Festival and Mid Autumn Festival

Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival and Mid Autumn Festival, thousands of friends will not arrive. Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, it is our duty to report on the difficulties. Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, we must bless the world if we are to be late. Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival and Mid Autumn Festival, elderly children have to report to their families and friends. Looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, never to arrive at happiness until it is brilliant again.

Meet and look at the window of another world.

All things in the world, all wonderful encounter will produce wonderful results. When the seeds meet the soil, new life begins to germinate; when natural stones meet the wind, wind erosion produces sculptures of different shapes; when sunlight meets green leaves, plant photosynthesis brings fresh oxygen. A good encounter in the world will also create a saga that is inspiring. Yu Boya meets Zhong Zi period.

Reading a hundred Wars

It was the dream of countless people to pick up books after the ups and downs of the business world and the ups and downs of life. I think it was Zeng Guofan’s famous couplet “Qianqiu Miao left me alone, returned from a hundred wars to study” that made me enter the classroom of Xiamen University Management College again. To read life, to sink wisdom, to use enough emotion and harmony.


This time I do not know how many years from the swallow to leave the moment from the river frozen from the moment affixed to the Red Spring Festival Couplet my heart hanging like a silent clock when the swallow came to Xinshadang River began to sing when the couplet faded the color of the past but you are still in the distance endure for a long time We should see each other again in the winter.

The trip to Fujian

On the first day, Xiamen was so full, especially for the environment in Xiamen. We first boarded Gulangyu, walked through the various consular quarters, as well as the Conservatory of Music, Sunshine Rock, countless roaming alleys, thinking of the oil-paper umbrella of the “Rain Lane,” so quiet. The uninhabited villa, each household is surrounded by plants, reminiscent of the net.

The taste of the Mid Autumn Festival

The autumn of the Mid-Autumn Festival: Fu Yushan Daye’s autumn comes very cleverly, does not care whether summer and autumn have completed the handover procedures, does not care whether people have removed the skirt fluttering and pulling, does not care whether the world wipes away the heavy makeup of the summer wind and gorgeous, a soft drizzle so that the world has no temper, autumn waves do not. It’s a surprise. But in the city of Daye, I can’t hear the wild goose’s voice.