My eyes are in the wind, passing the eyebrows of spring, brushing the lips of summer, drifting thousands of miles across the sea, just want to comb your frown. I hang in the clouds, tears for the autumn leaves, and never stop chasing for the joy of winter, snow, winter, winter and summer to wash away your tired dust. My love is in the water, making a cup of love tea, making a bowl of love soup, rolling in the flame tormented, just for and

My brother is called Peng Ge.

Looking at the “project colleague A Peng” clearly displayed on the screen, he was unable to press the dialing key. There are two reasons for the entanglement: first, he once heard that friendship and kinship in the workplace are very difficult to produce, Ah Zheng also thinks so; second, he worked on the last project for a year and a half, and his relationship is very good. So it was A Peng who was the last thing he wanted to get into trouble.

Water drops in palm

Miss the summer, but don’t give up the autumn. In the early autumn, morning dew always mingled with dew, leaving it on the tip of the grass, and it was addicted to all kinds of people. Now I also often obsessed with this dew, maybe it is “dew in autumn lotus a drop of dew, fall into the sky at night.” But where did these dew drops come from? So I started a simple experiment: first, I prepared a mirror, hand.

Recite the moon

Wen / Lanqiao Autumn Wind Slowly Moonlight Long Building Dream of a beautiful pale yellow moon hanging in the sky of poetry for thousands of years refused to fall into the melting moonlight but also reflects a beautiful quiet I lean against the building to see the moon shining on the lonely heart how many things slipped into this sleepless night in the moonlight to find the distance Far away comforts borrow a wisp of brightness to write thoughts, who will listen carefully to the moonlight.

Fog in the town

Fog in the town of Liang Wei Shan early in the morning, the town is very quiet. Out of the room, in the foggy courtyard of the morning, a few sparrows chirped on the acacia tree in the courtyard, from one branch to the other, and from the other to one branch, some with pointed beaks, combing their unkempt feathers, and some with Twirling twigs. A few yellowing leaves were dancing down, and a wisp of wind was blowing, and the morning mist was thin.

After walking through the city square, you never want to leave Shenyang again.

“Finish the homework assigned by the teacher before dinner, and then grandma will take you to the city square to play.” People often say that the past goes with the wind, just like the fine sand in your hand. Whether you let it go easily or not, time will slip away by itself. The reason why memories are beautiful is that she will never come back after she left. Fleeting moments tend to be more engraved. This area of my life is the city square, as Shenyang.

I love you, ah Liang

Ah Yan, love you so hope you live, love you so pray for your health, love you so selfish want to live longer than you. When your painful hands are over your stomach, when you blame relatives for their apathy, when you’re tired of life’s gloom, when you occasionally get up after exercise and still have to take medicine, when you feel depressed, I seem to hold you, coax you to sleep, sing nursery rhymes to make you forget

You are my most beautiful concern.

There is a deep love, called each other worried, but dare not entangle. This feeling is more painful than lovelorn, but it can never be said in the heart. It’s like a fishbone stuck in your throat. You can’t get it out, and you can’t swallow it. In the rest of your life, you can only worry about her, and her shadow is everywhere. In the end, this love can not be abandoned and abandoned love, can only immerse in your life’s dream.


Perhaps all that dilutes is not the time, but the perception of oneself. If you don’t understand things, when you turn your mind around, you will understand. Those who can’t put it down will wait until the persistent force fails. It is not the heart knot that can not be solved. It is the heart that can not pass through. A tired person is tired of himself and does not look back. He is tired enough.

He hopes to give his children the best education.

Ma Yun announced that he will no longer serve as chairman of Alibaba group board in September 10, 2019. Once the news came out, the whole network exploded. Many netizens are saying: “is Ali without Ma Yun or Ali?” “Is Alipay without Ma Yun or the Alipay that benefits the people?” But the truth is not so! Ma Yun not only did not say goodbye, but began a new journey. Horse