Annual fleabane

As soon as the rain stopped, the green plant behind the teaching building, like drinking agar, burst out several feet tall, with a circle of small flowers at the top, round, plain, like the spirit of the birth of the summer palace. I asked my colleague, “where is the flower?” Reply: “I don’t know.” I remembered the “flower Prince” on the phone, and I knew “one year Peng”. Annual fleabane: alias, Artemisia annua, malaria control; Compositae;

My mood diary

This text is very long, I hope you can finish reading, you two days is not a little tired, there is something in mind can not be said? Is work tired? Tired, that’s right. First: we earn money for our families, not for others, nor for the world. Second: everyone who runs around the world is tired. Third: comfort is for the dead. From birth to the present, you are light hearted.

Tucao – men and women interact with each other

Older leftover women are no longer strangers to many of their friends. Most of them come from towns or villages on the third or fourth tiers of the country. They have a job in a big city by virtue of their study. Although their income is small, their thinking, outlook and understanding have improved. They feel more and more that they are big city people, plus women like them. There are many, they do not feel lonely, even if they are not accepted by the city. Follow them

Confucius and Xi Shi

Confucius and Xishi were people of the same era. Confucius is about thirty years older than Shih. Tian often wanted to start a rebellion in Qi, but he was afraid of the four ministers, Gao, Guo, Bao and Yan, so he sent his troops to attack Lu. At that time, Confucius was traveling around the world. When he heard the news, he said to his students, “Lu is the grave of our ancestors, our motherland, now.”

Liao Shen campaign and liberation of Jinzhou 70th anniversary

2018-10-01 the Liao Shen campaign and the liberation of Jinzhou 70th anniversary today is the national day. This year is the Liao Shen campaign and the liberation of Jinzhou 70th anniversary. Seventy years ago, according to the deployment of the CPC Central Committee headed by Mao Zedong that the first strategic decisive battle should be carried out in the Northeast, with the strong support of the people in the Northeast, the commander of the Northeast Field Army, Lin Biao, the political commissar Luo Ronghuan, and the chief of staff, Liu Yalou, commanded the Northeast Field Army, which was launched on September 12, 1948.

National Day Holiday

I live in a wealthier town, but my life is nothing more than day-to-day labor, sunrise labor, sunset rest. The monthly income is enough for a family of three to eat and drink. The place where I work has not been very prosperous because of the inspections above. Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, now I have the National Day holiday, which is seven days, which makes it difficult for me not to be rich.

National Day Fu

In the autumn of 1898, the country’s Jia Zi was very lucky. A scholar, not for the newspaper, but with my own pen, given to Yongzhi: the ancient country, the country of civilization, vast and long history of the same line, the vast sea of Jiuzhou, Pangu opened the world, Fuxi legend for eight hexagrams. Huangdi Xuanyuan, the unified Chinese and Shennong Jiang, is called the ancestor. Cang Jie created characters, created by culture, rainy days and ghost crying for night. Xia Chuan Yu Kai, Jia Tian

A well deserved life

The classics of Chinese excellent traditional culture are broad and profound, just like pure springs, which can nourish people’s hearts and clearly distinguish good from evil. “Shang Shu Yu Shu Da Yu Mo”: “people’s hearts are dangerous, and Tao’s heart is small. Sho Chi, he is in the middle.” Dao Te Ching: “Dao follows nature” comes from the feelings and desires of human nature, which are careless, unscrupulous and unexpected. Therefore, sexual desire comes from nature and soul.

About September

There were always pleasant expectations, which were mingled with the light of the dust, the cool dew on the withered yellow lotus leaves in the silt pond, the hoarse struggle of the weak insect voice in the winter cold, and the unwillingness to carefully whitewash those wastes which were not good or disappointed. Perhaps after several times of grinding decadence, I had noticed the surprise of a slightly tattered, slightly raised head. It was not in a hurry, not in a hurry.