It’s like shuttling through the ancient town of Yuantong.

In a hurry, as if standing 1650 years ago, watching Yuantong, prosperous, bustling city, bustling, rubbing shoulder to shoulder, through the streets and businessmen, bargaining under the sky, the streets of ancient towns, one by one with a smile, in order to succeed in the transaction, the wine, to taste a happy, lively, vivid. Speak with pleasure. But I was not a villager or a businessman at that time.

Love, book, garden, youth, Chinese dream

After the failure of the Reform Movement of 1898, Liang Qichao expressed his innermost feelings in “Teenagers’China Talk”: “Teenagers’ wisdom is national wisdom, young people’s wealth is national wealth, young people’s strong is national strength, young people’s independence is national independence…”. Yes, we are now the youngest generation and shoulder the hope of our nation and the future of our motherland. Clenched in the palm of your hand is the lofty belief in rejuvenation of the motherland.

Island, no boat ferry

A bridge is called a river. A few times before the past, a few times to forget Sichuan, for this life cycle. Dream of Xiao Se years of thought quietly thin, can not carry the wind and snow, can not hold each other, this isolated island, doomed to no boat ferry. In the autumn of inscription, the water of Qinhuai was cool, and the awning boat was empty. How many poems involve the youth, can not lock the flowers and willows in the dream, and can’t keep away from the feet.

Life in the future

The reason why life is so difficult is because of the lack of resonance and empathy in this era; the reason why youth is so confused is because life is not easy to meet; the reason why the soul is so lonely is because of all living beings, the soul of each other eventually died in the world. Half a year later, you will be honest again and again when you write and write. A sudden whim is a sudden inspiration.

Big and small

Big Chilean life, small Chilean greed, big Chilean wisdom if foolish, small wisdom if arrogant, big into if deficient, small into if Ying, big argument like a spring, big as clumsy, small show skills, big skill virtue, small skill drowning, this is the size of the difference.

Earthy taste of autumn

Once again, I walked down the road from the south of the village, and I found that I had always loved the land deeply. I love every temperature on this land, whether it is hot in summer or sultry in autumn, whether it is cold in winter or warm in spring, I feel so kind. At that time, he liked to chat with the elderly at home when he was busy. They like to listen to them.

Don’t let camouflage become your real face.

People will never show their ugliest and truest side to others, so people will wear a mask of hypocrisy, but it is difficult to take it off. The disguise of man is to conceal his shortcomings and weaknesses, and to be afraid of being abandoned or used by others. But one day, when people suddenly want to release themselves, but suddenly a little confused, found that they have been light.

Rest and talk

(7) Relaxation and chatter about rest. Everyone has his own understanding, different understanding and different ways of rest. It is the same person who has different understandings and ways of rest at different times and under different circumstances. From birth to death, everyone can hardly live without rest. The so-called study and work day and night without sleep or food is just a description of the special situation.