It is hard to say a title.

(eight) it is difficult to appraised a professional title until the annual appraisal of the title. Seeing her daughter at home busy preparing to report to the Deputy title of the material, recalling his own experience of several job titles evaluation, is really a great feeling, a word is hard to say, there are many words not to spit. Anyway, I retired, not affected by the title of appraisal, and I could be frank and frank. I remember the national news system in early 80s.

Jiangling high school 78 high school graduation celebrations 40 years

Dear teachers and dear students, Hello everyone! Golden autumn, yellow autumn leaves, gentle autumn wind, long autumn rain, the autumn of 2018 we harvest a surprise, that is, Jiangling high school 78 high school graduation 40 years together. Forty years ago, we ran from here to industry, agriculture, soldiers, academics and commerce. Forty years later, we came from the other side of the ocean, from all sides, to this place full of laughter and laughter.


“Margin” said that one sees such a reason is because of the meeting is the fate of the Buddha is the fate of Jesus is the fate also said that the narrow road of the enemy is the narrow road meet is the fate of twists and turns is broken mirror reunion is the fate, many go to the fate of love, evil fate, animal fate, plant fate has a half-life fate is happy fate There are hardships, fortune, and ghost.

The old farmer fought the Emperor Qianlong.

The old farmer, Emperor Qianlong (a short story), went to live in a hotel in Shuixiang, south of the Yangtze River. At dawn, he heard a man knocking on the door next door and shouting, “Zhu Qianlong, get up and go.” The young emperor was not surprised by his heart. “Who is so bold as to pretend to be the name of the Emperor today?” At this point, out of a white haired, solid and simple old man.

Society needs positive energy

Society needs positive energy. Do you sigh alone in the corner, do you licking your wounds? You see, the sunlight goes through the banyan tree into whose heart. Under such a social background, people are in danger and are afraid of avoiding everything. Every day the sun rises on time, and the sun shines on the earth. It seems to warm everything, but in fact it is not. There are still many people curling up in the dark corners.

Old books, love, help

At the end of September, from September 26, the Red Cross Society of the Chemistry College of Fuzhou University held a five-day collection of used books throughout the school, aiming to collect students’spare extra-curricular books and donate them to Huangbu Middle School in Jianning County to convey their love and help them to dream ahead. Huangbu Middle School, a three-year-old school in a poverty-stricken area, is made up of students who are mostly left-behind children.

For the sea in my heart

For the sea in my heart is the sea in my heart, to harvest the fragrance, to pour out the language, to find another experience in the ups and downs found that the sea is not in a future corner, I have been recklessly missed it. Anxious tossing creates misery, has to ride the wind and waves, only to return, afraid it will disappear no longer, I returned

Red dust is broken, and the right path is the vicissitudes of life.

The nearest atrium is always touched by the waves of emotion. Wherever I go, I will be touched, wherever everything happens. In turn, I will be touched by the factors, thousands of turns, so that I feel that life can really be a beautiful place, so that I and the world around me, are happy and happy. The space promenade, which is always remembered, has to be memorized. For example, that day

Capital city Nanzhuang

“Last year, today, the faces of peach blossoms are red. No one knows where to go, but peach blossoms still smile. Reading Cui Hu’s “Title Capital Nanzhuang” always makes me feel a little hesitant, “I don’t know what to do, I always go deep”…. Perhaps the best way to live is to meet at first, to know each other and to love each other deeply. Flowers are still flowers. The wind is still the old wind.


Forgive this is a time of material desire, we enjoy the information age to bring us fast, bathed in a peaceful and free environment, living in such a society, the human feelings are weak, people’s hearts cold and warm can be imagined, we are eager to be loved, protected, we are afraid to pay, always want to get without pains, desire to have The same lamp of Aladdin leads a happy and comfortable life, but the world of fairy tales.