Younger brother

My brother has a brown nevus under his left eye. When we were young, he cried on his grandmother’s carved bed for trifles. I used to laugh at his stinginess. But he also smug things like sneaking out to my grandfather to expose my crimes. Sometimes I think about it and feel that there is nothing I can do about him. I want to live in my family, but he does not follow me to sing minor notes. He often shows stubbornness.

Young people are fleeing the countryside.

In recent years, have you found a phenomenon when you go back to the old home in the countryside? Almost all the young people in the countryside go to work in the field, but there are only old people and children in the family. Walking through countless rural roads as a child, I looked around, covered with grasses, and the former green fields of crops had become a thing of the past. In some places, roads are gone because few people walk. And occasionally I can see one.

Sing, my motherland! Your birthday is a warm celebration of National Day 69th anniversary.

The autumn rain dripping down last night, I walk step by step, wandering on the land of Xiangcheng, constantly thriving for the great motherland, development and expansion, hearts and flowers in full bloom, passion, courage, vitality! In October 1st, what a sacred day, because this day is the birthday of our great motherland! The birthday celebration is exactly 69th anniversary, in the east of the world.

Life feels 8—, learn to “give up” and “give up”.

Feelings of Life Cover 8 – Learn to “give up” and “give up” after more than 30 years, I finally understand a truth; in life and work, in addition to enterprising, harvesting, winning, when appropriate, but also learn to “give up”, “compromise” and “give up” so that you can handle a variety of complex social relations. Only when you are “tired”, can you live comfortably and freely, your physical and mental abilities

Don’t ask for cause and effect in silent times.

“Rolling Red Dust, Don’t Ask Cause and Effect” text / Mountain flowers and ghosts to sit here together, leaves for cushion, trees for leaning, no wind, no wine. Quietly, in the late autumn evening, thought empty only a blank, at this moment, he is only a rolling red dust in a grain of dust, acorn persistent voice, leaves lightly sprinkled, what else…? The years passed silently without any evidence.

My physics teacher

His hair is short and flat, his temples are like frost, wrinkles seem to be able to kill a few flies, on the surface it gives people the feeling of “Lu Xun”. He is our physics teacher, but it is such an old man who brings us warm sunshine. Every time he goes to class, he enters the classroom ten minutes early, and then he looks at today’s lessons at the desk. Most of us are in line with me.

Long life formula

Lie on your back or sit down, relax yourself, breathe slowly four times, abdominal inhalation pause breath, into a quarter of an hour of silence; note hundreds of meetings, mindfulness, concentration of energy, intentionally observe a quarter of an hour, into silence. Ideas such as water, along the hundred will, consciousness scattered everywhere, escaped into the empty, walk for a quarter of an hour, settled. Absorption method: the spirit of the collection of Dan, meaning to keep the Dan Tian.

This life, just to meet you.

Time flies, between the fingertips, the moon is still as quiet as before, waving to the long river of time, gazing into the distance to come to me. A twinkling of an eye, has passed 27 Spring and Autumn, has been to many places, has traveled many roads, met many people, finally still a lonely journey, has not met the distant that she.. Sometimes I often wonder if I can ever meet another person in my life.

Homesick meat

Nostalgia, song, and Confucianism, my thoughts often wandering away without reason. This is not, just read the book “Jin Shu Zhang Han biography”, it was tempted by the sentences inside. “Zhang Han in Luo, because of the autumn wind, is thinking of Wuzhong Chinese cabbage, water chestnuts, perch, said:’Life is precious and forgettable, how can the eunuch thousands of miles to the famous? Return to life. ” Zhang Han abandoned his hometown bass escari for missing his hometown.

“A new day has begun…”

A new day has begun. The sun tore the moon, saved the primitive life from the dungeon in the darkness, and a native grass stretched out on the earth, sparrows waved, sparrows flashed, frogs vomited their tongues, new life, they sucked the dawn beads of dew to fill their hunger With high enthusiasm and full spirit.