For future self

Seeing words like mine, I don’t know if you are in the front line or in the rear at this moment. Time can’t give you a chance to think slowly. Every time I talk to you, it seems hasty. I do not know who will cut the rain. At this time, do you remember the four seasons you went through in the position of Reneng, whether you remember the colleagues who fought together, whether you remember the leadership’s advice and care. Even more, in the letter

Shuttling in time and space (rhythm and verse)

Traveling across the earth in the wind and sunshine seems to be me, one of the roofs of a house in the sky, the trees, the flowers, the plants, the plants, the plants, the plants, the flowers, the flowers, the sun, the sunlight, the holy hand in the sky, the touch of the moon, the sharp head, the guard against the overwhelming clouds and the night. / Nature is so magical and beautiful that there is always a difference Good and evil little sister like tough old men who like handsome guys, always sleep next to them.

A man cannot marry a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

A married man can’t marry a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He likes Dao Lang’s songs recently. His voice was husky, bold and crisp, and his voice was my favorite voice. “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” and “Punishment in Impulse” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard them. Slowly, I’m emotionally insensitive, and I’ve got a taste for them. As for the wolf in sheep’s clothing, my feeling is that this wolf is crazy.

Dragon vein

Thousands of Dragons, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 5000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, 1000 Rivers, There are yellow dragons around the mountains and rivers.

Deep love is a kind of ability.

In the bright moon, the Acacia deeply buried the GUI tomb, the autumn wind outside the threshold, and the long smoke gently touching the clothes and arms. The Southern Hills return to the wild, the yellow flower is thin to the shadow, the North que plays the book, the white hair urges the old old age. The crimson rain falls, and the incense sticks away from the hearts of the people. Misty rain building outside the blue water crossing the sail, dusk Road, flowers and tears. The crying of the crows makes people complain, and the mandarin ducks are neck and mouth.

Qingyuan mountain

Tour Qingyuan Mountain today is sunny and windy, and coincides with the National Day holiday, is a good day to travel. Our family is happy, not far away, but decided to go to the door of the 5A scenic spot – Qingyuan Mountain. Take a good tour of the beautiful scenery line and feel the grace of Southern Fujian. Early in the morning, we put on a comfortable parent-child dress and got everything ready.

Say a dog

I had two dogs, a dog walking in front of me, with a great deal of money and aloofness; a dog walking behind, as poor as a wash, wagging his tail and begging for mercy. But I don’t like any of them, because I don’t want to walk on the same road with dogs. A dog is a natural loyalist whose status in the eyes of the world is far inferior to that of man. If a servile person is obsessed with flattering him, his master’s position will be established, or

An old cotton padded jacket (prose)

An old cotton-padded jacket (prose) Cao Wenqian recently, the weather turned cold, I turned over the case to find a clothes to add to the autumn, to keep warm, inadvertently, a cotton-padded jacket jumped out. I immediately remembered my old cotton padded jacket when I saw it. It was a cotton padded jacket patched with patches. With the passage of time, many things and stories of the past have disappeared, only in memory.

The quickest shortcut is to take your time.

The wood of the embrace is born at the end; the nine level of the platform rises from the earth; the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It means that everything develops from small to large, from tiny to strong. Learning, career, growth are all this truth, according to the law step by step slowly, in order to best and fastest development. When I heard a story from a young man, the farmer saw that the wheat in the field was shorter than the others.

The wisdom of Chuang-tzu’s Philosophy

Some of the wisdom of Chuang Tzu’s philosophy comes from him, from the man we call “Chuang Tzu” 2400 years ago. Chuang-tzu was always serious and humorous, and never blasphemed. I don’t know how Chuang Tzu’s outlook on life and the world came into being, but he is undoubtedly a real philosopher. He asked the fish in front of the pond.