On the four positive

Four the right mind is right, thinking is right, speaking is right, doing is right. Xin Zheng: as a man, his mind is the root of his mind, and his mind is first of all. Light is sincere and deep and thick. The heart is upright and strong enough to be deceived. Si Zheng: thinking without evil. Those who have deep desires are shallow, evil, confused, and confused. Right words: words must be rational, and things must be done. To think twice is not wrong.

Treat yourself well. Health care regimen series (1) — leisurely everything, health is big.

Be kind to yourself. Health Care Series (1) – – leisurely everything, health for the big from today I recommend a book about health care; health care heart classic “all diseases can be heart medicine”. Written by the Chinese Liba people, and with my heart to study this book, I was able to write prose, essays, novels, and other literary forms to study and discuss with interested friends. This is a book to share your life with everyone, including

(reading; “pharmacist Buddha’s view of the world”) many, many more.

(Reading; “The Buddha’s view of saving the world”) More and more, but also want to have an introduction; “return to the infinite amount of greed and affection, accumulate wealth,” capital is assets, is tangible material; wealth is money. Money and so on. Accumulate wealth, earn money desperately, earn and earn more, have more want to have. Nan Huaijin once said a word in “The Buddha’s View of Ji Shi” that Mr. Nan Huanjin said, “I was an official myself.

Reconciliation with oneself

Time has finally come to the childhood can not wait to grow up, finally experienced the so-called freedom that will yearn for finally from childhood to attend a wedding banquet with parents to attend a friend’s wedding banquet as their own identity, but ah, I also miss the lost time miss the innocence of that meeting that will be the biggest trouble But I just miss my studies. But time goes by.

Emotional life

People are emotional, joy, sorrow, love, hate and sorrow, and no one can live without these emotions, unless it is a vegetable, lost consciousness. Therefore, a person living in the world, in addition to the material life such as food, clothing, housing and transportation, ideals, cultural and artistic spiritual life, but also have a rich and colorful emotional life. Everyone lives in the society, can not be separated from the crowd, and it is difficult to avoid emotions in interpersonal communication.

Dusk visitors

In the evening of summer vacation, my wife and I went for a walk by the river near our hometown village. Suddenly we saw some lovely dolls herding cattle. They rode on the back of the cattle leisurely and looked at the sunset. They really had the poetic and picturesque feeling of “the shepherd boy riding the cattle, singing loudly in the woods”. Speaking of cattle, I feel the same way. I grew up in the countryside, often in the early morning or evening to the village hillside cattle grazing, many of my poetry and English words are in the

A tour of mangrove forest protection in Shek Kok

#NAME? On the rocky horns mangrove scenic spot author / Zhang Ziyao Jiangshan Peninsula, see Beilun estuary, undersea mangrove. Green, red calyx fresh, colorful garden. The water birds are flying around, the fishing fish are set together. The mountains are picturesque and the wonders of the countryside are seen. Hai Bi Yun white sky blue, Dan flower Yushu, clean worry. It’s time to pick up fishing shells and go deep into the red forest. The surging clouds are full of green hills.

The bewilderment of autumn

These two days are on the National Day holiday. The weather is exceptionally good. Bathed in the golden sunshine, quietly sucking the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans in the air, blowing the warm autumn wind, you will have a sense of relaxation and ease. As long as you walk into nature, you can see the autumn autumn scenery everywhere. Autumn is colourful, and sometimes you wonder at its amazing work.

The best of all is to meet oneself.

On the contrary, Wu Xiaowen, who met the best of himself, was just a vicissitudes of life, and his life was nothing but impermanence. All beings are hue, joys and sorrows, or lead a happy or steep or lonely life. When we are mired in the vicissitudes of life, when we are in bad intimacy, when our hearts are crying against the wind, we are always accustomed to attribution, attribution problems.