Who is the most important?

I met her on the phone. Maybe it’s fate. We have become good friends. She is a manager, young and successful. But for love, she is waiting for the messenger of love to come to her side satisfactorily one day. The opportunity finally came. A pregnant female subordinate in her factory was about to quit her job. The boss told her to go and hire. That day she suddenly called to ask me.

Pursuit of Jiangnan dream, Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake is the young woman in my dream. She is full and mature. It often drives me to my dreams, not myself. On April 20th, I finally got my wish. We agreed to embrace each other in Chunan. She is hiding in the hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, between the ravines and gullies of Chunan County, and is the back garden of Hangzhou. This is not her place. For thousands of years, only Xin’An river is here.

Days of faith

Most of the habits in life are formed inadvertently. For example, whenever I see a company doorman delivering letters and newspapers to the office, I always glance at them intentionally or unintentionally. At this time, I always feel a lasting concern, like meeting an old friend I haven’t met for a long time. But I didn’t greet one. How nice it is to have a letter of yours! Face

Enjoy happiness at any time

(twelve) there is no eternal happiness in the world at any time. Everything is changing rapidly. No one can keep happiness forever. We are also in the process of change. What we have today may have disappeared in the Ming Dynasty. Therefore, it is no less than daydreaming to hope for happiness forever. The wise move is to catch your eyes and feel happy and happy when you feel happy.

Night words

Night, a dream, light fallow rain, may be the last dream. Listen to the whisper. Even the cool rain, but also let the wind chimes, night language, swaying swing, blow down the windowsill paper crane. Ask the distant dream, the lantern on the floating Road, a drifting bottle, let the dream wander silently. A drop of rain falls from the fingertips. Luckily, it is the best dream. Maybe it can only be heard in dreams.

Acacia becomes the wind, sailing abroad

There is a kind of companionship, which is a way of communicating with each other. There is a kind of youth, is no regrets of choice, irrelevant to right and wrong, experienced, is life. The inscription caters to the heart of the early autumn, and goes through the next crossroads. Suddenly, this autumn, the inexplicable loneliness comes to mind. From time to time, the air is filled with the smell of the last summer, but I don’t know the petal rain.

Theory of positive heart Nourish Qi

“Neijing – Su Wen – Ling LAN Mi Dian theory” said: “the heart, the monarch’s official also, the divine spirit comes out.” When the Lord is clear, he will be at peace, so that he can keep fit and live long. He will never die. He thinks that the world will be prosperous, and the twelve official organs will be in danger if the Lord is not clear, which makes the road blocked and blocked, and the shape will be seriously injured. In order to maintain health, we should consider that the world is in danger.

Initial growth

All along, some are self abased and shy, and many people dare not speak. Instead, the impression is not very good. In the first semester of my freshman year, I had a good command of editing and directing. I passed the interview with the Film and Television Art Society, and entered the Film and Television Art Society and became a late minister. Everything looked so smooth but did not know there was a crisis. After being a minister, I have been telling myself that I believe in myself.