The girl who swept across the heart

The ignorant age is like the season when it rains and moistens all things, and the youth is like a breeze that blows across our rippling hearts. At the same time, the seeds that have been buried for a long time are rooted in the seeds. In high school, we have colorful world and colorful dreams. In the near future, teachers and classmates are undoubtedly the beautiful scenery of the school. And the opposite sex.

Company conference

Company meeting: Boss: The task given by the superior is very important, must be serious, to ensure that no failure to complete successfully, A gentleman, you are in charge, B gentleman with you A gentleman: can you find C gentleman with me, B gentleman in charge of technology, afraid of not pulling away. Boss: B Jun is only responsible for technology now, Mr. C.

Reading classical novels, teaching people

Look at classical novels, say Cai Han, who teaches characters, 2018-10-10, how many Chinese classical novels are there? I reckon that there are at least 100 copies, such as the familiar ones: 1 The Romance of the Enfeoffment of the Gods; 2 The Romance of the Three Kingdoms; 3 The Journey to the West; 4 The Water Margin; 5 Dreams of the Red Chamber; 6 Constant Words of Awakening the World; 7 Simple Words of the World; 8 Warning Words of the World; 9 Surprise Stories at the First Inscription; 10 Second Inscription

What’s wrong with everyone?

What’s wrong with everyone? Long time ago, I wanted to ask a question. What happened to everyone? The older you grow, the more lonely you are. That’s true, because the older you grow, the farther away your heart is from your heart. Everyone wears a mask for himself, which is called self protection. What is wrong with me? I often do this myself. Today, the teacher suddenly called me to the office. My classmate told me that I should be scolding me.

39 dermatitis

I haven’t seen the advertisement of 39 dermatitis for a long time. Sanmao hung pot to save the world, with their own self-mockery of the three-legged cat’s efforts to heal many people, or in the desert outside the ocean. As her husband, Josie was frightened every time she got sick and saved people. Usually at the critical moment, Josie appeared and stopped Sanmao. I do not have the ability to save three hair medicine. The first to save lives

Meng Yu Wen Jia Gou

Seeing things and thinking, thinking nights. Seeing friends visiting Yu Wen Jia Gou, they were fascinated and moved. In the night, we can not see the sight of the gods. In the dim light, we have surmounted the great void. Looking up at the stars and wings, the Beidou is overhanging. There are no waves in all corners of the country. Light as swallow, heart with sex. There is no need to see the truth of the great scenery.

Golden autumn

Let’s welcome the Mid Autumn Festival. Year after year is similar, age is different. Time is a river that never stops. Life is a song that can never be sung. No matter how many grievances, helplessness and loss, or let life push, force or even tie to walk, finally came to today, saw the full moon on August 15. Life is not easy, life is declining, living is a kind of success, to their own lives to clean up, to their own

Persimmon in hometown

Recently, the roadside persimmon vendors slowly more, holding the mentality of trying to buy a few taste, dry taste, no home persimmon delicious. The solar terms are coming down soon, and the persimmon is ripe. After a detailed calculation, I had not eaten the persimmon in my hometown for more than 10 years. A few years ago, my father sent me a post, but the post office didn’t mail it, and since then he has dismissed this idea.

How about building a park?

The second daughter lives in a 30-storey high-rise residential building near Chaoyang Road in Shilibao, Chaoyang District, Beijing. North of the residential area is a complex of two office buildings and three high-rise residential buildings. Three high-rise residential buildings were built in the southern open space this year, blocking the original open view. The three high-rise buildings were not yet completed, and a row of high-rise buildings, one next to the other, had been built.