Under the leadership of Xi, I would like to be a conscientious person.

In less than half a year during the term of Secretary Xi’s office, by virtue of corrupt officials, build national prestige, win the hearts of the people, treat the masses will always be amiable, approachable, the motherland is prosperous, prosperous, prosperous, for the motherland together eulogize, escort the motherland, thank the motherland, healthy citizens. I would like to be a man of heart, an advocate of the times, a ladder of progress, the founding of the motherland in 1949, in the ancestor

On the contradiction between Romanticism and realism in “Book of Songs”

“Take the wonder without losing its truth, play with the splendor without falling into the truth.” On the Contradiction between Romanticism and Realism in the Book of Songs, one tells us about the literary mind and Carving Dragons in poetry; the analysis of Saint Moe of Shun Yun’s “poetry expresses the will and sings the chant” is already well-known. “In the heart is the mind, speak for the poem”; Shu Wen carries the reality. A poet, a waiter, a waiter. Three hundred, “righteousness” belongs to “innocence”.

Sunny sky, the autumn outing complex of Huan Hua brook

Wipe my eyes, stare at the blue sky, clear sky, wrap a layer of clouds, the autumn high air, sprinkled to the clear earth, birds flying around the clouds, chirping, seemingly inquiring into the sky, I carried my wife, grandchildren, set foot on the land of Huanhuaxi, the park’s green trees shade, water blend, classical and modern The beauty of the shuttle architecture is lost, gradually losing itself, deeply with the garden.

To 46 of ourselves

46, one of the countless Arabia numbers, how small and humble she is. But for me today, it means a lot, because it means I’ve been through the first day of 46 autumns and winters, and the beginning of 45 spring and summer. 46, says big because there are infinitely smaller numbers ahead of her, says small because there are infinitely larger numbers behind her

Spring breeze meets at the beginning of ten li.

At the beginning of the spring breeze, the ten winds met the sun and mischievously across the curtain and sat down at the table. She looked at the floating dust floating in the shadow. She turned to look at the man who was still asleep on the bed. In my sleep, Mo’s brow is still deeply locked, this sad man! Zi Jun sighed with pity in the bottom of his heart. Last night, she could feel that Mr. Mo was in tears in her arms. This is the only two time.

Dreams will arrive eventually.

Dreams will eventually arrive at reality and dreams are a pair of bugs, with a dream will more or less out of reality, with a dream means a declaration of war with reality, so many people will be afraid to talk about dreams, this is the attitude that many people will adopt. This leads to the phenomenon that without dreams, when it comes to conversation, there is a blank, blank, awkward face, and the dream is in interpersonal communication.

Grandpa’s little garden

It’s been more than ten years since Grandpa left me. The beautiful memories of Grandpa’s time with me have been with me, and what I remember most is Grandpa’s beautiful little garden. Grandpa was a flower lover, and in his spare time he built a small garden in a corner of the courtyard near the wall with branches and wire. Children are always curious and active. When I was seven or eight years old, I ran around and followed Grandpa.

Filial piety is easy, and the color on the face is good. — reading the Analects of Confucius “politics second”

Confucius had several brilliant expositions of filial piety in his treatise “The Second Policy for the Government.” [The original text is as follows] “Meng Yizi asked for filial piety, and the Confucius said: no violation. Fan Chi car, son told the saying: Meng Sunwen filial piety in me, I said: no violation. Fan Chi said: what is it? Confucius said: “life is to the etiquette”; “death”, “funeral” to the ceremony, the ceremony to the ceremony. Meng Wu Bo asked filial piety. Confucius said: parents only worry about their illness. Children ask for filial piety. Confucius said:

Wife’s temperature

His wife’s temperature in Wushan, Gansu Province, Chen Zhongjie in the summer of 2018 is a rainstorm season, many local roads in Wushan, Gansu Province were destroyed by mountain torrents, crops were hailstones smashed, terraces continued to slide, many farmers’houses continue to collapse. Rainstorm has become a panic in people’s minds. At half past eight in the evening of June 27th, all of a sudden rain poured down. The wife ran back from the square in front of the credit union.

Don’t let your life see the end.

Don’t let your life see to the end what Liao Chaoguo called the ideal of life, I think it is just a choice of a way of life and state. Everyone from the time of birth to the day of death, all activities are spared no effort to carry out around this goal, the goal is to pursue their own happy life, but because of subjective and objective factors, many people are not fully satisfied. These ones here