World Mental Health Day, volunteer action around

October 10th is the world mental health day. It was launched by the World Psychiatric Association in 1992. The theme of “World Mental Health Day” in 2018 is “mental health and social harmony”. On October 9, on the occasion of the 27th World Mental Health Day, Qi Yazhen led the caring volunteers of the “Mother of War” volunteer service team and the volunteers of Yanshan New Residence Community New Times Civilization Practice Station.

It takes great efforts to live a normal life.

Many young people want to be a great person and live an impossible life. It is estimated that everyone has thought so. But in this world, great and successful people are only a small part. Most of us can only be ordinary people and live a normal life. A herdsman, when the sun rises, will milk the goat’s milk and drive the cattle and sheep to the prairie.

You never see my old age on your way.

For you to give up the first heart, but only for your moment of attachment; for you to pay the truth, but only in exchange for your gratitude; for you to speak of life, but only waiting for your eyes; for you and I choose to let go, but just watching you leave. “Ask the world what is love, only call life and death Xu” life to treat you, singing and drinking, instantly happy, into ashes. Whether or not?

First visit to Fen Shui Guan

First visit Fen Shui Guan Cai han to 2018-10-12 October 11, 2018, I first visited Fen Shui Guan! Fen Shui Guan is the junction of Zhaoan County in Zhangzhou city of Fujian province and Raoping County of Chaozhou city in Guangdong province. About 10 kilometers (20 miles) away from Zhao’an County, Fenshui Mountain has a natural gap between the peaks and barriers, forming a mountain pass of “five blessings in the East and two Guangdong in the west”. Ming Zheng de fifteen years (1520) Zhangchao inspection

Youth lives alone

Youth can not stay, this youth, a person?? When did youth begin, I don’t know, I can’t remember, maybe the day I met a girl, I had youth. Youth seems to be only once in a lifetime. If it were twice, I would still drink a few mouthfuls of self-righteous beer under the same night sky, and hold it in the gall of wine.

Reflections on Several Issues

Reflections on several issues 1. A New Beginning. Life is divided into stages. Each stage has its beginning and end. If you don’t feel good about your situation, even if you’re despondent about it, believe that you’ll always have a new beginning. 2. What is the most important thing when people live? What is the most important thing when people live? I think it’s happiness. 3. What is happiness? What is happiness? I saw one on the Internet.

Admire Brussels judgement

While taking a nap in honor of the Brussels verdict, I grabbed a magazine from my bedside. It was the Reader, and I flipped over to a page. It was the Brussels verdict. I look. This article touched me deeply. A woman was injured in the dark night. A man appeared at this time. The man ransacked the woman’s worth. It’s going to go away

Life is really simple.

2018-10-12 Life is actually very simple. People often think that the world is vast, complex, people live in the world, from small to old, to face all aspects of people and things, how can it seem simple. In fact, the sage Confucius has long said: “I have five out of ten, and aspire to learn, thirty and stand, forty and not confused, fifty and know the destiny of heaven, sixty and obedient, seventy and follow the will of the heart, not beyond the rules.” Few