Autumn thick, miss

Qiu Qiu, miss the October, when autumn. In the early autumn of this year, it felt more colder than before. Outside the window, the earth was covered with darkness, and beyond the horizon there was an infinite darkness, and I felt like I was living in the mouth of a giant beast. But the light in the room was shining through the window into the air, and the drizzle was swimming in the light, like a string of tiny silver needles falling from the sky, glittering golden. The window sill is negative

The scenery is beautiful, and the woods are deep and beautiful.

“Dongfeng Night Flowers 1000 trees. More blows, stars like rain. BMW carves the road. Feng Xiao moved, the jade pot turned, and the night fish dragon dance. The moth is covered with snow. Laughter is full of fragrance. But in the crowd once and again, I look for her in vain. Looking back, the man was in the dim lights. ” The Qingyu Case on New Year’s Eve, written by Xin Qiji in the Song Dynasty, is sunny in the warm autumn in the light of the sun and carried by Xin Qiji in the Song Dynasty.

“Listen to the rain”

Night listening to windows, rain and noise, sitting on the wine to see the popularity. I have to go for thousands of miles, I can’t bear to think about it. The autumn rain makes the wine sober up, and the sleepless bedside sleeps with the rain. If you look back at your life, why do you have to give up half your life?

“Gone with the wind”

Wet fingertips of the rain drifting in the cold autumn of that night in the drifting rain a little miss I fear the evening of drifting rain afraid of standing on the withered branches of the birds alone to see the rain of the evening wind can not go Miss worry has been filled with the whole rain of the night sky like rain drifting drifting wet heart of the rain drifting in there The evening dusk wants your thoughts to stay in the rain wood house and wander around the window sill.

I am an upward grass.

Plum blossom is proud in winter, it is the show of self-reliance and self-improvement; Cedar snow and wind, it is his show of self-reliance and self-improvement. Plum blossoms are fragrant and fragrant because they are self reliant and strong. I am a grass, a common grass, no flower fragrance, no tree height, just a lonely grass. I like the dew in the morning, the rising sun, and my nature.

No Acacia

“Is it a fault to like you?” I watched the fallen trees overlapping on both sides of the street, and gradually fulfilled my passing thoughts. Suddenly, the sparks went hand in hand, and this quotation came into being. I found you at a glance in the company of people. I dare not say you are the most beautiful of them, but I dare say you are the most outstanding of them. In memory, the silk is beautiful, and flowers are like silk.

Love is not silly

Love is not silly. * * cliff, do not speak, put the moon waist hanging. In the deep slope of the forest, a pair of young babies. * * Valley, the wind is so big that the moon shave down. A small stream of grass and rocks runs down a bridge. * * the mountains, the clouds, and the moon. The love of the raven is really shyness. * * mountain village, not rough.

From the blue tiles to the wind of the four seasons

The long drum bell sounds like chewing tea slowly, shuttling from the mottled alleys of Qingyuan to the bustling depths, neither the old man who drank chess nor the women and children who made noises about picking vegetables, but it repeats the past every day, as if trying to lift a corner of the alley, awakening a passer-by with a nostalgic dream. The shadow of the breeze swaying in the long and quiet street, hazy lights.

Anxiety from a quasi Chinese teacher

In a twinkling of an eye, it has been two years since I entered the university. Looking back on the past two years, though not as hard as high school, it is not easy. Besides high school busyness, university knowledge is more profound and difficult to understand. High school is only home or local children to study together, the pressure of learning is not too great, but into the university will be a new environment, students from all over the country, the region is poor.

“Mother”, you are the greatest in the world.

“Mother” You are the greatest of your mothers in the world The greatest gentleness is the water is tough as spring wind Your heart is only two children on the way home Your husband is off work You are ready for meals, tea and rest You are still the sun of a harmonious family You are the food of family unity You can’t imagine the lack of family, you will lose the sunshine, your husband’s love and dependence.