I like to look at you like I look at the snowman in the yard. But in winter, after all, dusk is a little short, I and my snowman can not grieve, everything becomes a dream. It’s so terrible, I can’t hear you calling my name, I can’t hold the pen in my hand, I’m running in the winter without flying. Ah! When I was younger than I was, I was carrying wild spades and hunting tools in the wilderness.

Inspiration from fuse

The inspiration of fuse is Cheng Hailin once, the old circuit breaker is broken. It was so soft, the nails were pinched off, the fuse was so low that a match could burn it, a weak member of the metal family. But it can take advantage of its own shortcomings, in the circuit plays an important role in the security, in case of danger, immediately fuse, in order to protect the shelter.

Child, you can be bad.

A few days ago, the kid made a mistake, so he wanted to educate him, and he was turned off by education. Because he was unwilling to eat, but also deliberately upset the bowl, so let him go to the corner of the wall to reflect on their own mistakes, when we have finished eating, clean up the bowls and chopsticks, to his front, asked him to know what was wrong? He said, “I am not hungry now, and I am not feeling well. You can not eat when you are not well.

Mountain moon ridge flower

The streets are covered with spring flowers and mountains. When the brook is smooth and shattered, the mountain flowers are like butterflies. Butterflies fly flowers to the forest, and streams flow to the East alone. The sky and the stream do not fly. The mountain scenery is all the same. Who is making love tonight? Mountain and moon always accompany idlers. Acacia landscape is endless, and the moon trees hang high every year. I wonder when the stream will return.

Flying maple leaves, full of mountains and wind fans

Grasp your beard, rub your eyes, tread the wooden steps of the mountains, cement skid-proof pavement, bow or straighten your chest, shake your hands and feet, the blue sky above your head, in the autumn sea, as if flying clouds and fog, on the azure blue coast, the white clouds float lightly, the mountains are surrounded, cool, the wind blows, to look at the sky and the ground, aftertaste chewing, in Sichuan. The west red maple forest is very happy to have fun. What a charming attraction.


Again, I stabbed myself hard in my fragile heart. Time, money, and the future are the three biggest factors that bother me. Time is wasted a lot; that’s why you don’t have the ability to feed yourself; there’s no future. Parents spend less and less time with us; they don’t live happily, in my memory; always

The days of separation always come so fast.

The days of parting always come so fast – to my university, my classmates, my dear classmates, time flies so fast that I really can’t accept the fact that I want to part from you. The days of parting always come so fast – to my university, my classmates, my dear classmates, time flies so fast that I really can’t accept the fact that I want to part from you. Three years ago, I


In the corridor of this fourth-floor apartment, I don’t know whose children are noisy, running, and the voice of the children is a kind of noise. Look at other people’s words on the web, look at the current news, always tell other people’s stories, and have nothing to do with their own. Only then knew that does not relate to oneself, one kind of cold and bright lonely is very deficient. Fast paced life, we always need some adjustment, five flowers eight.

My dream

A journey in April 1988 made me have a dream to grow up and become a passer-by. A long time ago, Wuhan was far away from Xinzhou. It takes three days and two nights to go back and forth alone — about 65 kilometers of the journey is the only 107 National Highway “cut off” by the river; there is no bridge on the river, and waiting for the ferry is longer than walking on it.

Please don’t live up to “Youth”.

Youth forever! Many times we look at youth as an age, it seems to have reached forty without confusion, youth has already taken root in hibernation. In fact, youth is an attitude, a kind of momentum, and a kind of courage. It symbolizes sunshine, symbol of hope, symbolizing the persistence of never giving up. That year, I was eighteen, this is the most colorful youth of everyone, the most prominent emotion is friendship and love