Negating ancient national heroes cannot be allowed (Kang Youshan)

Recently, on the Internet, some people deny Yue Fei, the national hero. It is said that although Yue Fei fought against the invasion of the Jin State, the Jin State is now a minority in China, so he can no longer be called a “national hero”. It was also said that Yuefei strived to “directly attack Huanglong and welcome the two emperors of Huiqin”, so he was opposed by the “court” and suffered the disaster of killing himself. That’s ridiculous, but

Xiaoming’s one-stop service

Title: Xiao Ming’s one-stop service author: Gu Zhan Hongshang Late School, Xiao Ming chats with her female classmates, “I have seen a lot of good people and good deeds recently. This spirit of living Lei Feng spreads positive energy to the society. For example, volunteers always give people one-stop service…” Xiao Fang interrupted and said, “Do you want Xiao Ming to be a good person, to serve us one-stop, to help us wash clothes and shoes?” Also

Don’t kill your offspring with money

Non-love behavior is a concept in psychology. It refers to the non-loving plunder of the closest people in the name of love. To be frank is to act in the guise of love. This kind of behavior mostly happens between the closest people, and the most terrible happens between parents and children. In today’s society, the post-60s and Post-70s are two generations of very sad urges. After their independence

Mist Yellow Hair Record

Title: Mist Yellow Hair Record. Author: Gu Zhanhong’s Content: A fog came to school from home on Monday. The teacher asked the fog, “If you don’t see you for two days, how do you dye your hair yellow? Quickly restore it to me. The school stipulates that the hair of students can only be black.” Xiao Bao did not understand after listening and said, “Teacher, I am weak and sick, so my bald head, or I have hair, can say that my hair is thorough.

Feelings after Reading Life in Cloth

(1) There used to be a habit of writing reading notes and feeling after reading. Later, due to laziness and idleness, this “fine tradition” was lost. Every time I think of it, my heart always feels sour. Today, after reading Shang Jinbao’s masterpiece, Life in Cloth, the idea of writing a post-reading feeling was rekindled. To be honest, this is a kind of review and commemoration of the feeling of writing and reading before, and more importantly, it is also a kind of commemoration of the “


Pigs are farmers’ treasure, and every household is indispensable. In the suburban countryside of Shanghai, almost every farmer’s family raises pigs. They earn money by raising pigs, subsidize households, rely on pig manure field, and collect more food, fruits and vegetables. I remember when I was a teenager, there was a thatched house next to my house, most of which were pigsties and half of which were firewood. Mother catches several piglets every year and keeps them in the pigsty. Piglets grow ugly, but

Feelings from Reading Life

If you remember correctly, this is the second time you have read Life. Fortunately, I also want to revisit the charm of Life, but also want to appreciate the life in Life. To be honest, after the first reading, until now, only a few characters’names and an impression of love entanglement, the rest have become a blur. Today, read again, it seems that there is another feeling, now repeat as follows, is a confession to oneself.