Virtual College Meal Package

Title: The author of the meal package of Virtual College: Gu Zhanhong Xiaoming chose this school and thought that the meal arrangement was not reasonable. One day, breakfast, lunch and dinner are normal. This is understandable. But there are still midnight, after all, eating midnight at night will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines. Besides, there are fruit meals before meals, dessert snacks after meals, and a series of nutritional drugs to eat, including

A Letter to 60 Years Old Oneself – For the Splendidness of Life

Standing in the time tunnel of life, I experienced a hundred years of loneliness, a hundred years of vicissitudes, they turned into a thread of flowers floating. I remember that my grandfather, who had read a lot of poems, said goodbye to the world one year after Huajia; my father died at that age; my uncle followed his ancestors four years after Huajia; and one of my sisters drove west two months before her own Jia.

To commemorate the friendship that I have lost and will soon lose

Once thought that other people’s world will have my figure, but found that I just accidentally flashed in other people’s world at a specific time and place, before leaving traces, it has disappeared. Just know, in fact, other people’s world without me! At that time, we were still friends. I once thought it was very important. People said that Pisces were born with feelings, but they saw the figure that they thought was very important.

Campfires shed tears

There are many negative factors in life (ugliness, misery), but among them, there are positive factors (beauty, love, security), which is like the warmth in the cold. The miserable world is like ice and snow. Every day, people try to find firewood, make a bonfire, and surround the family around the bonfire to enjoy the warmth. If you don’t try to find firewood, you’ll freeze to death in the ice and snow.

A Wolf’s Green Fairy Tale

In the grassland – far from the dusty grassland, the barren land, I found a thing that people have lost for a long time – the simplest feeling and sincerity in life. From the film “Back to Wolves” tells the story of Chengdu girl Li Weiyi, the photographer’s husband and a wolf. The whole film was made with their own cameras after seven years. Although not a professional film maker, but he

Winter gossip

In the morning light of Wen/Wang Xiaoxiang, a line of geese flies over his head, accompanied by a soul-stirring howl, gradually drifting away… Goose goose also, the festival also cut off the tail of autumn, dragging out the winter clue. The North wind, whistling impulsively, ripped out the froth of the ice and blew out the withered sadness, sweeping the last remaining leaves along the way from north to south. Everything seems to be happening by accident.

With words

Human nature fears disaster and is afraid of disaster, but it is too scared to avoid it blindly. However, there is a cloud in The Book of Changes that “63, no delusive disaster”. Or the cattle, the pedestrians get it, the city people’s disaster. Every man is blessed with unexpected blessings and with or without misfortune. Looking at a special case in Hengnan County, Hunan Province, a couple died under the hammer of their 13-year-old parents and children, which was shocking. The act of paternity is also common in the records of imperial families in historical books.

On Emotionalization and Mutual Blame

Every enterprise has its own style and characteristics. Every enterprise is engaged in different industries, different markets, and will face different problems. But there are some common problems, that is, the problem of mentality. The most important thing for any enterprise or group is to have the spirit of innovation and cohesive action. Two of these forces are like people’s right and left hands. Innovation is our brain and competes in the market.

Microgroup Poetry “Farming Tools”: Describing a Spring Scene

Microgroup Poetry “Farming Tools” – Describing a spring scene, “Hoe” straightens up the waist and raises the head, rightly and vigorously asks the earth for the achievement of “Plough” like a spring tide in the open field, turning out spray “Dung Bucket” one end with hope, one end with hard work, to harvest in autumn, two full of joy “Dung Spool” like a mother, to give babies a mouthful of land. Feeding smells bad

I will treat the world tenderly, even if the world always treats the world with a beard.

It may be interesting and meaningful to spend a day with me, if you really pay attention to me and have a little understanding. I have a very strange genius, and I am afraid that only Marx and others have some of my own characteristics in what I have seen and heard. My beard is very fast, and the adjective “very” is not enough to express this speed, so I can only use it here. My body is big.