Good deeds are hard to do.

In late November 2010, one morning, my wife and I went to the farmers’market to buy vegetables. We witnessed a motorcycle coming in the bicycle lane and an old man crossing the bicycle lane. Motorcycle emergency brake, just before the old man turned his head and rolled over, the old man survived the accident, safe and sound, while the young cyclist was heavily fallen to the ground, groaning in pain, unable to move.

Pick up a period of spring blossom, hand in hand with a smile

The wind caresses your cheeks, leans against the window and embraces your shadow quietly. I really want to pick up a spring blossom in my imagination and hold you with a smile. Meet you, such as the rain and dew nourishment, such as grass encounter the fresh sunshine, I will adhere to the original agreement, in the pure interpretation of the landscape, set into the most beautiful poems. When there is love, the sky is blue and the wind is blue.

“Laba” Festival Says Drinking Porridge

During the Spring Festival, at a folk festival meeting, suddenly a young man stuffed me with a brochure page and I put it in my handbag. When I came home to show my reading, I learned that it was to introduce “mother-in-law porridge shop” to tourists. Despite being a small propaganda material, it has a human and cultural flavor. Among them, there is a text describing the origin of the name of the shop, which is a story about the relationship between the male and female bosses who drink porridge.

Happiness is struggle

Happiness is a struggle, which is a simple voice. In the face of the new era, we study tirelessly, reflect deeply and carefully, construct spiritual life, change behavior, take positive actions, hone talent, stimulate potential, create harmony in dedication, match the heaven with the head, the elephant with the foot, and the personnel with the five hides. All ages need Huangdi’s Internal Classics and Tianfen

Hometown, Bright Moon and Departure

Spring love of wine, blowing about night, still remember the fragrance of soft jade. In March of that year, by the lake of Chuzhou, peach blossoms began to blossom, and I met the beautiful face occasionally. In my homeland dream, I cherish the Spring Festival and revert to the year of Acacia. I am a martial artist who hates to serve his country but has no chance. I have to fall in love with the rainy south of the Yangtze River. You are Zhu Menqianjin, Miss Fujia. You should have been a lady to marry, but you have been involved in the world for no reason. When I ask you questions, you answer with shame.

The Lock Seal of Poetry in Dream

The locks of poetry in dreams are far and near. Today is a cold day. The recent weather seems to confirm this season. This year’s weather is a bit strange. It’s rainy and snowy, and it starts in the south. I’m not in the south, not in the north, and I haven’t had decent and complete weather at all. Sometimes there is a light rain in the sky, and the whole world seems to be wet, making it difficult for you to breathe; the snowpeanut is afraid of rain.


Title: Shoe polishing writer: Ancient exhibition of Hong Title: greedy people, will inevitably be burned slowly in the flame of desire. The chicken beggar felt the pain on his body and then opened his eyes slightly. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised and panted and said, “Your foot has stepped on me.” Director Niu replied, “Excuse me! As you all know, this is a busy city, so crowded people will inevitably step on you.


If we want to make our dreams come true, we must take action to find a better way, from the bottom to the top, take unprecedented strength, climb up, go deep into the vast life, break through the narrow and selfish cage, success or failure has been decided by faith, follow the pioneers, burn enthusiasm, never flinch, obey nature, firmly believe that friends in our common world, every time. Everyone is

Snow mountain foot mark

The footprints of the snow mountain changed the morning, the sky and the blue. White and fat mountains, feelings of snow-covered tunnels. Mount Yushan, wearing jade and silver, shows off, Lan is also a cloud. Diamonds will be bright electroplated on the river surface, and foggy and lustrous forests. Iron wind, magpie song shuttle patrol, move, alone cooking smoke pattern. Glass windows full of transparent ice, kissing water in the heart

How dark pyramid selling is

Author: Gu Zhanhong’s Title: How dark is pyramid selling for the first time: Falling into pyramid selling teacher said, “Later open class, everybody performs better, and the students say,”Okay.” Xiao Ming Tucao said, “teacher, you are too lazy!” We don’t have lines, just give us a role. Teachers in other classes have good scripts and stories. The teacher said, “Let’s do that.”