Old friend

He pulled out a cigarette from his jacket pocket and handed it to me. “Don’t you smoke after all these years?” He asked, I nodded, took the cigarette and clipped it to my ear. He asked, “Why don’t you keep the cigarette?” “I said why don’t you miss each other in the future, and when you finish speaking, smoke will fall from your ears.” He said with a bitter smile, “Since you don’t smoke, don’t pick it up. “I thought about it or picked it up.

Hope you understand, love your heart has not changed

The hero loves a boy very much, though he did not come together in the end. But the hero’s heart has never changed. I remember that it was the night of 2015, and it was the first time he saw the heroine. Also let the boy feel that heart that has not beaten for a long time. Start slamming slowly. So he asked his friend the name of the girl. I also know that the girl had a boyfriend at that time.

Misplacement of historical research and fallacy of historical analysis (Kang Youshan)

Hello, this article can only be seen by the administrator at present, and can be displayed after the administrator’s review. I just finished the article “Negating Ancient Heroes Can’t Be Allowed”, and I found out that Yuefei had experienced twists and turns on whether he was a national hero or not. As a result, he has retired and lived idly for a long time. He has no idea about the current situation of education and does not know whether Yuefei is a national hero.

Those who step into peach blossoms

I entered this land with respect and shyness, and with expectation and yearning. Ginger’s teeth, peach blossom girls and dragon pattern jaundice are all flipping and jumping in their breasts. Ordinary and great, deep and distant, this brilliant history together with her story, like a shaking sachet, let people vomit fragrance, aftertaste the charm. Dare not be frivolous, dare not be unremitting

Old Person (2)

“The wind blew across the fields. It was very beautiful.” That’s what he said, and he only remembers to describe it so simply. Speaking of his last regret, he put his cell phone in his pocket and pulled out a cigarette. “It’s time to go home early that day.” I asked him what you would do if there was another chance. He shrugged. “What else can you do, you teach me?” Before he could answer, he got up and went to the car. “I didn’t use to.

Old Town Friendship! uuuuuuuuuuu Filling Wufeng River Rain Wire

I have to take you as a point of view. In the ancient town of Wufengxi in Jintang County, Chengdu, I have to increase the thickness and weight of my life journey. After all, the expectations in the eyes of the mountain people, the candlelight of my soul, including the wet shirt, are also to find a way for me to write about your journey and create cause and effect traceability. In fact, stepping on Wufengxi is a rainy morning. It’s gloomy, but gray.

Gu Zhanhong said good morning to everyone

Gu Zhanhong wrote a passage for you, since I was seven years old and sensible, I have been twenty-six years old. I have been writing for such a long time. I hope you can read it patiently. Early in the morning, I have to take advantage of the fact that I have just got up, I haven’t had time to brush my teeth and wash my face, I haven’t had time to dress up, I haven’t had time to dress and so on, and I haven’t had lunch yet, and I haven’t had dinner in the evening.

Subway life

Wen | Hao Dong Jiangchuan Road Metro Station is near my home. It just opened a few days ago and started to make a noise at a slightly quiet intersection. I don’t like to take the subway, but every time I sit, I look at people crowded in the subway, looking for everyone’s story from one face or another, young or vicissitudes of life. At six o’clock in the morning, everything on the side of the street was not fully awakened, and the street lamp standing alone on the side of the road seemed to be still there.