If you like a person, you would like to let the whole world know / Wu Yan (original)

My friend said that I am an iron tree for my feelings, unless it blossoms. Originally, I thought that I would not find a girlfriend in four years of university. I would like to be a good student who studies hard every day and spends all day in the library. As my friend said, the iron tree will never blossom. Later, until I met you, a person I never met seemed to fall in love with each other when I met him. Maybe we could also talk about it.

Dream is a native/Wang Zhe/(original)

Last night, I dreamed about my hometown. I dreamed about beating walnuts with my grandparents. The walnut tree in my dream is the same as that in my former hometown. The walnuts on the tree can never be found. There are so many walnuts on the tree that they can’t reach or knock down. I remember when I was in high school, my father and mother often went out to work, my brother dropped out of school in the early years and also worked outside. At home, only my grandparents and I were in the county. Usually, I was high in the county.

Ginkgo biloba is golden and glorious in the twilight of winter

“Looking for Ginkgo biloba all over the world, in fact, the golden earth; as long as you open your eyes and look at it, the world crows colorful.” This is the poetry of Ginkgo biloba in this season. When I open my eyes, I can see the poetry of Ginkgo biloba with golden eyes. Really, it’s the annual leaf-watching season again. What? Appreciate leaves, grasp. I’ve only heard of flower appreciation, moon appreciation, lamp appreciation, appreciation… Today again


In traditional Chinese characters, the word “yi” is written in the form of “yi”, and the expression of image is “the next me under the lamb”. As the saying goes, “fight tiger brothers, fight father and son soldiers.” This proverb reflects the meaning of the word “righteousness”. Why does this proverb “fight tiger brothers, fight father and son soldiers” reflect the meaning of the word “righteousness”? Because brothers have deep brotherhood

Informal politeness

Politeness is the expression of humility and respectfulness in our speech actions in dealing with people, and also the natural expression of a person’s civilized quality. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation to treat people with courtesy. It is a habit that everyone must develop when they are young. It is also the minimum moral standard in life. We must not take it lightly. China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. It pays attention to etiquette and courtesy. Tao in Ancient Times

Written to my mother

(Original) Written to my mother Huaiyuan has always wanted to write something about her mother and praise her. But I always stop talking because I am afraid that I accidentally hurt the word “mother” when compared with the mothers written by countless famous families. However, this desire to praise my mother often burns my heart so much that I dare to put forward a clumsy pen, even if it’s just a pen.

But those souls were devastated.

No matter where they live, they will continue to survive in the real society, including towns, counties, four-tier cities, three-tier cities, two-tier cities and one-tier cities. No matter what they do, there are always some people who are slowly living in self-mockery. A few days ago, some friends complained that they had changed when they went back to their hometown last time. I’m surprised. It should be normal to say that, but his next words made me feel a little bit interested.

Cherish time and talent,

Days and nights think of people in dreams, red candles Guizhou, night into the sky, how can I not see the shadow of my husband, suddenly wake up in the spring night, how can I have no colorful Phoenix wings, heartless, thousands of rivers and mountains just waiting for leisure, time flies, time flies, suddenly flicker fingers, year after year, year after year, people are different, feeling, time like a Mercedes-Benz BMW never returns, time flies back that one. It’s a myth. Only in

Goodbye, 2018

Finally tore off the last calendar, another year was robbed of time! You have to admit: no matter how strong you are, you are the loser in the end. Yes, in addition to memories, in the long river of time, you can not only leave memories of joy or sadness, but also feel the preciousness of that beautiful friendship and sigh the sadness of that story. Traveling in the river of time like water, flying waves, light

On the phone

Trees want to be quiet and windy, sons want to support and relatives do not wait for Li Jiacheng, once the richest man, said that everything can wait, only children can not wait for filial piety. Parents! What a great title to raise children selflessly without reward. Every festival, I miss my parents very much. It is a kind of unconditional reflex that touches the scenery. Choking