A Battle Letter to Enhance Patriotic Confidence

The commentary articles of current affairs hotspot have the characteristics of large amount of information, strong policy, wide dissemination and high attention. I am good at writing essays. Recently, I have tried to write a commentary article: “Meng Wanzhou Incident brings us thinking and enlightenment”, which was published on the national literary websites on December 15, 2018. I don’t want to cause a lot of sensation and praise. In just over 20 days, Readers of Reading Wenxu

Courtesy is less important than affection and righteousness.

In mid-January 2011, the family received four gifts successively. Although they were not precious items, they were all local specialties, but they were the hearts of friends. It’s really “Giving goose feathers for thousands of miles, giving gifts lighter than feelings and righteousness heavier”. The first gift was a large carton of Xinjiang local specialties, such as dates, walnuts and raisins, sent by Dong Lei, a friend of the eldest daughter, from Yili, Xinjiang through China Railway Express. The second gift is

Have you ever had me in your dictionary?

Through your eyes, you can enter your heart, this is my stubborn idea. But every time I see you, why don’t I dare look up at your eyes? For this reason, I am very anxious, in the pursuit of answers, the heart of pain to the noon sun turned over again or failed to find the results. Until one day I heard the song: “Where are you going, take my soul with you?”

Essay on Education

1. When children are not doing well in their studies, they have to read a lot. Reading can improve children’s intelligence. The more things they read, the clearer their thoughts and the more active their intelligence is. Therefore, reading plays a decisive role in mental work. Secondly, students must keep in mind some knowledge, laws and formulas, which are the basis of his thinking, and only skillfully store these knowledge.

Princess Pina’s gloves

In other words, in a world of flowers, this day, a great happy event happened in Budaleira. In the world of flowers, there are flowers everywhere, purple flowers, and flowers that look like human beings. Old King Lierhechi got a daughter, very small, exquisite and lovely, and he kissed her little feet. At this time, a kind of flower flashed through King Hecht’s mind, Pirissana. This kind of flower has a wonderful fragrance, but there is a special one.

Poverty Theory (2)

The richer you are, the more stingy you will be. The world is full of hypocrisy. Two hundred and one houses have been built in the village, and the poor have been installed; forty-five thousand people have been deposited in the bank at one time, and they say they are poor households. In the village, Chen Mou, the son of a family surnamed Chen, went to Shanghai to give a speech and made a fortune. In fact, all of them know that my family is poor. On that day, I sent 100 yuan red in Weixin group.

Autumn Flying on Wings

I often think that flying should only belong to the patents of winged things, such as dragonflies, butterflies, such as geese, birds, etc. When I came into autumn, I saw yellow leaves like butterflies, flying buds, calling the world dark geese, and found that autumn also has a pair of invisible wings, which carries the hope of spring, the prosperity of summer, the good dreams of night, and the day.

A clear conscience is the only sure reward in life

A clear conscience is the only surest reward in life. / Liao Chao-guo’s life is a pursuit, no one’s life does not pursue, but the pursuit is different in size. In the end, all the pursuits can only achieve two results. One is to pursue the realization, and everyone is happy. Second, the pursuit of loss, self-distress. But most of life’s pursuits are just like life itself. Ninety-nine are not as good as one or two. although

Invisible War

Gun wars (tangible wars) are over, but the war between human beings and diseases (invisible wars) is still going on, so scientists also have the status of fighters. They manage themselves militarized (strict self-requirements and life planning), face battles with a serious attitude, and fight fiercely with the “enemy” every day. Others, however, work only to earn money, not to fight.

The bright red in the old days

Time is the most ruthless, you listen or not, see or not, it is slowly flowing, will not stop because of your sigh, or praise, it takes away the red, white silk, wherever you go, those shining, dark days in life are dyed into yellow black and white photos, a picture represents a memorable memory. The scene of the Spring Festival in childhood is in black and white tone.