Shenzhen Travel of Rural Children

It has been nearly half a month since I went back to Shenzhen. Although my parents are idle, I often think about gains and losses. I dare not spend money to fetch water. There is no trace. Not long time in Shenzhen, coupled with the train time to complete the calculation is only seven days, although not long, but the feeling is deep, it can not change my world, reverse my destiny, but also enriched their outlook on life, a great increase in insight. At home, my father often

I am not a casual flower

Flowering is the process of expressing the existence of life. There are always moments in life when you stand in the temple full of flowers. Youth will not miss you even though it is a broken branch and a broken willow. When others say that you are a color feature film, are you sighing that your life is at best a black-and-white documentary, that is, your heart lacks self-awareness, so you can not feel the charm of life, when the wind blows out your fragrance?

You on the left

The one on the left – Yanzi Shuangchun flowers fragrant, with your breath, at eight o’clock, we will meet. Whenever I am alone, my eyes will see you very blurred, that cool plain face, that soft hair. Feeling happy, we walk face to face, walking. And you walk past me like a fantasy. There will always be a time in a day when I want to forget you, always

Old saying

When I meet at home in junior high school, the topic of my composition is to discuss the pursuit of life. Reading for the sake of score is a matter of course, but thinking is nonsense. Now think again, and suddenly find that the contradiction between dream and reality is very confusing for the present oneself. Many people have no choice for various reasons, because most people live not only for themselves. There are also many people who actually chase after each other.

Catch up with the wind

Xu Mengtian, a chasing youth, is eighteen years old. The day deserving celebration is my birthday. I know that today I am no longer a young and ignorant teenager, starting a new stage, began to look forward to the childhood of adulthood. But I am a person who likes to miss the past, forgive me for returning to that season again, and that young chasing the wind… I like to travel with my backpack.

Quietly, the hope of the journey

Quietly, the imagination of Master He who holds the steering wheel crutches/can only walk silently with his eyes closed and flies into the beautiful scenery yearning for the tourist resort. Surely, his face is rippled/the bus is shaking and wandering along the rugged road, unaffected by all the joys and laughter, accompanied by the old people clapping their hands and singing/the whole car during the journey. People are moved

Waste one’s time

Brother Wu and Liu grew up in civilian nests. Born on a soft bed, using midwives. It’s breast milk. I haven’t seen milk before. The mat was laid on the floor, and the brothers were laid under the bedclothes. The hygiene is not good. There are a lot of lice. When there was no electricity, the lamp would make it. Wood bench, family around a table. Corn and sweet potato rice, green vegetables are not much. Corn and sweet potato porridge, thick to drink. Kill a pig in New Year

Do what you can and do what you can.

Nowadays, people are facing more and more pressure in life, such as employment, marriage, love and friendship, child-bearing, veteran medical practitioners, car loan repayment and so on. There is no such thing as worry, no need to work hard for it. This requires the cultivation of a good attitude and noble sentiment in life. It’s a good way to relieve pressure to do what you can and stop what you can.

You say, today’s young people, silly not silly?

It is not easy for young people to earn some money, but the money they earn goes to unknown places. How much do you spend on your parents? Now some people have a better attitude towards dogs than to people. There is a man in our community who has a dog named Rowena. A dog is over 100,000. When his owner goes out to slip him everyday, he buys 5 yuan a ham sausage in a small supermarket. Xiao Jinyuan usually eats prescriptions

Although restrained, but still haunted by dreams, I did not go far, you have been around all the time

Although leaving, just wake up every time, or a dull pain, said good will not miss you, but still can not help thinking of you every day. I also understand that when you refuse to start, it is doomed that our world is doomed to the opposite direction. At that time, I endured the pain of my heart and told you that I hope to be a friend in the future. But I know, maybe I can’t get back to the beginning with you.