Never fail to live up to the moonlight, the rain and the breeze always suffer!

Twenty years of grass hate, two or three more night call. Every night, the dream breaks, silver bottle leaks, the shadow returns to the Qing Dynasty, lingers low in the Tangli appendix dry place, the moonlight flow clouds do not fail, the fine rain and the clear wind always suffer. Listen to the wind and rain, stop to touch the heart song, unintentionally hiccup, how can I survive? The almond ridge passes through the shadows and the clouds of Wuxia return to dreaming late. Nanmo Pansang Dialect Yuqiao, West Tower blowing snow Sihua year. The empty building looks at the moon, startles the sad heart to the dawn wind, withered intestines


(85) In the residential area of Zhongding Haoyuan, where I live, there is a small stream paved with pebbles, which dries up all the year round and never runs by murmuring water. Only after several days of torrential rain can the stream accumulate some rainwater. A few days later, all the rain penetrated into the ground. The pebbles washed clean and smooth by rainwater were exposed naked in the stream. Few people go there.

What is human for?

People don’t have to worry about the past, they must face the present. People do not need to compare with others, they must follow the trend. People have you along the way, people are grateful for your life. People don’t need to argue, they need to live in harmony. There is no luck in people’s hearts. People know they can’t drop pies. People should not always ask for, but be good at giving. Man should make his own decisions, and he should depend on himself in everything. No one complains about others when they are tired, no one complains about others.


If I could forget that season and this memory of joy and tears, in a word, I would still be grateful to you. If I hadn’t met 20 years ago, I would not have experienced the only joy and happiness, the warmth and happiness of today. If not for the affectionate look back 20 years ago, why would there be sleeplessness in the moonlight of this life? Just like retaining that late autumn, that mature, for you

Winter Moon in Hometown

A few days ago, a friend called and said, “I’m going to kill pigs recently. Would you like to smoke bacon?” Looking at the date, it’s almost winter. Killing the year pig is the most joyful thing in my hometown’s winter month when I was little. Adults often choose a sunny, sunny day, after lunch, the hostess began to boil water, a few days ago appointed pig killer carrying a variety of knives “clattering” into the door to help.

Snow Dance Days

A few days ago, I was shocked that my mother-in-law had some inconvenience in her legs and feet. I went to see her with my wife. It was snowing. The snow in the South seems more and more rare and strange. Snow falls at night. Early in the morning, there was a shout outside. The snow was so thick and heavy. I never fell asleep again. I rolled over in my clothes, pushed open the window and saw snow. “Thousands of households snowflakes float, point by point silent fallen valley”, that tile crack

Night of lovesickness

My loss of a beautiful woman is painful. If I first saw her, how good life would be. The humble I like you in the distance, like you beautiful and elegant. I know there are thousands of barriers between us, and calls from each other. I often stand in front of the window, looking at you in the distance, looking at the clouds in the sky, letting thousands of thoughts float to your heart with all my concerns. I want to cross all mountains and rivers.