22 words to wake up

1. Never destroy opportunities and prospects. 2. Yesterday was beautiful, today was cruel; tomorrow is a new beginning, but many people give up tonight. 3. The direction is not right. The harder you work, the more embarrassed you will be. 4. The significance of reading. 5. Self-shaping, the process is painful, but you can ultimately harvest a better self. 6. Sometimes you find it particularly difficult, perhaps because of greater gains. 7.

If life deceives us

Today, if life deceives us, I think of Pushkin’s “If life deceives you”, in which he said: If life deceives you, don’t be sad, don’t be anxious! Melancholy days need calmness: Believe it, happy days will come! My heart always yearns for the future, but now it is often melancholy. Everything is instantaneous, everything will pass; and that will pass.

Gao Ling Ling

Once, today is the weekend. Once again, I came to the riverside and followed the road we had traveled. Looking at people coming and going, a couple, I have no more you around me. I asked myself, what is the purpose of all this? Over the years, you are my passer-by after all, and all you leave me is a gray memory. I missed you or you missed me in this life. Gao Ling Ling

Drunken Cherry Blossoms in Zhangping

Soul lead Zhangping drunk Cherry Blossom silence is Jinyi, Cherry Blossom full of spring, heart love for the dream ahead. “Perfect” went to Zhangping, Lingmei’s hometown, about a year ago. Under the careful planning of Lingmei, she is scheduled to depart on Sunday, January 22, 2017, on December 25 of the lunar calendar, and return on the afternoon of the 23rd. On the 22nd, the sky was clear. At 7 a.m., I took a taxi from Houxi to Jimei and joined Chunjie at the gate of Haicang Planning Hall.

The versatile Lu Zirun

Lu Zirun, who is nine years old, is studying in the third grade of Dongfanghong Primary School in Echeng. She has more than 90 points in each subject. She also takes time to learn zither dancing, English composition and self-study calligraphy. She has learned English, she can recite fluently, she practices calligraphy looks like a small calligrapher ah! The teacher often praises her composition. The versatile Lu Zirun, you are wonderful.

The burden of life lies in the heart, and the difficulty of life lies in the human being.

Life is tired in the heart, life is difficult in people, suffering is the original flavor of life, tired is the essence of life, tired heart, let’s rest. Busy life, like a tight spring, arrows on the string, have to be launched; hide in the imagination of the paradise, invite to see the changes of the world, I just watch! I’m just running away! We are always unwilling, upset by all kinds of disappointments in life, for the state of life.

May the rest of your life be filled with joy and sorrow.

May the rest of your life be filled with joy and sorrow. Time is too thin, finger seam too wide, eventually can not grasp time. May there be no time to look back and live with affection for the rest of your life. Years are too long, the human relationship is too cold, will eventually strand the memory. May you have no waves in this life, respect me for the rest of my life, and then never see me again in this life, the years are gentle and ungrateful, and the world never deceives me. May you meet your bosom friends in other places. Years left us

Mom, I love you

Mom chats with Mom. Whenever I see more and more white hair on your head and deeper and deeper wrinkles on your face, I always want to say to you, “Mom, you worked hard, I love you…” But every time the words came to my mouth, I somehow swallowed them back. Today I’ll take this opportunity to speak to you in my heart. Over the past ten years, how much effort have you spent on me to educate me as an adult?

Every day with you is happiness.

When is it that I begin to think of you every day? Maybe it’s the minute when I graduate. I don’t know why. My love stays at the moment of graduation. Is it because of separation? Or are you growing up? Just don’t know why you always have a feeling that people don’t dare to approach you now, maybe because you are too good. But I still can.

Waiting for life

Today is Friday, March 15, 2019. For a special day, my love with Wang Yan ceased on the first day. Two years of affection made me forget that she was an unmarried girl. In my heart, he is already my wife! But I couldn’t be together in the dark, and all this was destroyed by myself… We have all given our sincere feelings to each other, though