Ring Rain

Listening to other people’s feelings and putting them into the fire makes me feel sad from a hundred to a hundred, and nobody pays attention to me. I cry because I’m tired of being surrounded by people who cheat goodbye and never see me again. I’m all the people you wish to have no loved ones who have no sad soul. I count a circle of rings when I can heal the wounds. Who planned a joke that I’m unworthy and righteous, so-called lover and brother have left me alone? Leave me and give it to you

fermented glutinous rice wine

I have a special feeling for mash. My father had an old bicycle when I began to remember but had not yet gone to school. He rode that bicycle to school to teach. Sometimes I run to the trench at the east end of the village and come back along with my superior father. He was so happy to see me waiting for him that he had to let me ride a bicycle. Actually, sitting on the side of the girder is not comfortable at all. ___________ Three or seven days in a town

Abundance without self-sufficiency is a scourge

There is a popular saying that a daughter needs to be rich. In reality, there are also many parents who are poor and have rich daughters. As for why we should be rich, there are many answers on the Internet. Some people say that it is for children not easily tempted, others say that it is for children to speak more confidently. But can enrichment really make children more confident and better? I’m afraid there’s only Jing in it.

Man’s life is like running water

In our life, we will meet our best friends, brothers and loved ones. But we are only a tiny spray in the long river of time. We have no great power to fight against the huge waves. But we can show a ray of light in our short life and use it to illuminate the darkness in the corner of the world. How small is a person? But tens of millions of people

I advised my aunt to live in a nursing home.

My aunt was born on December 30, 1938. She always had three sons and two daughters. After the sons and daughters were married, the uncle and aunt lived happily. Sons and daughters often go home to see the elders. One day in July 2015, I heard that my aunt came to Echeng. She always lived in my cousin’s house. Every day, she went to my cousin’s massage shop to massage her body. I went to see my aunt. My aunt saw me.

Son, we must cherish it well.

At the beginning of the new year, I said to my son that every teacher should bring some gifts to thank the teacher for his kindness to you in the past year, and wish the teacher happy and happy in the new year. At the weekend English class, my son went to the supermarket and bought a bag of chocolates. He said that he knew three teachers altogether. I asked him to take five, and the remaining two were at his disposal. Can he eat or give them to his classmates? When he came back, his son took the remaining five skillful pieces.

Wait another minute

The drizzling rain drenched my hair. At this time, mist shrouded and the world was bleak. I set foot on the road to leave home again, every time I was dim with tears. I watched the trains shuttle on the track, as if my heart was as restless as the trains that came and went. I closed my eyes and recalled what had happened during the winter vacation. My sister and I often quarrel. My sister is a little disobedient. What do you do?

Pray for Buddha

My grandmother began to read Buddha more than fifty years ago. That year, my uncle suffered from serious eye disease. He saw things very vaguely and lived every day as if he were in the dark. Grandma is sad and sad, and she takes her uncle around to seek medical treatment. Uncle takes medicine every day, but the effect is not satisfactory. A relative said that a temple thousands of miles away was very effective. He also said that there were many people who sought children, wealth and marriage in that temple.

Amazing thing

On December 18, 1990, I got married and had a wedding party. At two o’clock that afternoon, seven people who came to greet my relatives took me to Qinxiangwan Bay, Liu Lang Village, and took their parked bicycles outside the walls of a family. We got on our bicycles and soon got home. The “magic girl” also quietly, was invisible home, silently “stay” on the roof beam of our house. The Great Summer of 1991