Reading “Fireworks” and Looking at Father

The fireworks, published in 18, is the sixth collection of his father’s poems. It is also his treatment of his life journey in the first 50 years. It is also the result of his persistent poetry in the past 20 years. But as to whether it is his last collection of poems, it seems that even he dares not assert, because as long as time goes on, the elegant and graceful poetry will be found by him inadvertently, and will always be in a silence.

Waiting lights

Years later, my mother has left us, but the lights are always shining in front of me. I remember that the first time I left home was in high school. When I told my mother that I wanted to go out, my mother was silent. She seemed to have a lot of worries about me, but in the end she did not stop me. So I went north and South with two boys in my class. Beijing

Iced sugar gourd, childhood memories

One weekend, the cold wind, winter rain, I walk alone from the square to the pedestrian street in my leisure time, the crowd is endless, whether students, young people, middle-aged people or elderly people shuttle back and forth in the street, shops and some cart stalls snacks lively. Then I came to a crossroads. Among the people passing by, a businessman wearing down clothes and hat selling ice-sugar gourds suddenly came out.

On the phone

Trees want to be quiet and windy, sons want to support and relatives do not wait for Li Jiacheng, once the richest man, said that everything can wait, only children can not wait for filial piety. Parents! What a great title to raise children selflessly without reward. Every festival, I miss my parents very much. It is a kind of unconditional reflex that touches the scenery. Choking

Written to my mother

(Original) Written to my mother Huaiyuan has always wanted to write something about her mother and praise her. But I always stop talking because I am afraid that I accidentally hurt the word “mother” when compared with the mothers written by countless famous families. However, this desire to praise my mother often burns my heart so much that I dare to put forward a clumsy pen, even if it’s just a pen.

Dream is a native/Wang Zhe/(original)

Last night, I dreamed about my hometown. I dreamed about beating walnuts with my grandparents. The walnut tree in my dream is the same as that in my former hometown. The walnuts on the tree can never be found. There are so many walnuts on the tree that they can’t reach or knock down. I remember when I was in high school, my father and mother often went out to work, my brother dropped out of school in the early years and also worked outside. At home, only my grandparents and I were in the county. Usually, I was high in the county.

Gate Pavilion

Winter solstice season, the cold wind like a razor on the cheeks slightly stinging, drizzling, cold from the cold wet ground invaded the footboard, instantly extending the whole body, across the clothes and distant echoes. The engine of the stranded passenger car roared again and again. During the journey to it, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the car was too big for Xiao Weidun, who just got out of the car. He was so cold that he stamped his feet and rubbed his hands. He wanted to do it in the fastest way.

Stir-fried ginger shredded with Tofu

In the summer of the year when tofu fried ginger, I suddenly felt the pain of my scalp pulled by tight hair, subconsciously touched the top of my head, touched a rubber banded bun on top of the ceiling, looked around, and hid in a tangled bunch of branches at the corner of the wall. The bare skin made the tangled branches scratch all over my body. That day, the weather was hot, but I hid in such a tight and humid place for no reason.

Child, you can be bad.

A few days ago, the kid made a mistake, so he wanted to educate him, and he was turned off by education. Because he was unwilling to eat, but also deliberately upset the bowl, so let him go to the corner of the wall to reflect on their own mistakes, when we have finished eating, clean up the bowls and chopsticks, to his front, asked him to know what was wrong? He said, “I am not hungry now, and I am not feeling well. You can not eat when you are not well.