Between friends

Birds of a feather flock together and people flock together. What kind of circle of friends you enter will become what you are, even if not by nature, but also break through the original shackles and be content with the comfort of the present. If you are not a determined person, you will easily be influenced by the outside world and change yourself, and then you will become a person who thinks you are following the times; if you are a determined person, regardless of the outside world.

Heaven’s Fate Meets and Seeks Children’s Shadows

At the beginning of January this year, Donglian suddenly pulled me from Shizhuan High School to a new group called “old classmates”. In addition to other high school classmates in Shizhuan, there are also some junior high school students who are familiar with me. I know this must be a new junior high school student group, because I have heard that several enthusiastic students are proposing to prepare for the junior high school student association. Miss Xuejuan

Me and my immediate supervisors

I’ve been fond of painting since childhood. When I was in the fourth grade of primary school, my teacher asked me to free up materials; when I was transferred to the government as an officer, the leaders liked to let me do the “minutes of the congress”; when I was the deputy director of the county government office, I was responsible for drafting, modifying and signing documents, drafting congress reports for County governors, drafting annual “report on government work”, drafting “text” of reports to higher authorities, in a word.

Old friend’s dream

On the morning of March 16, 2012, when I came back from walking my dog, my wife said, “Your old friend called and said that he would come to my house around 3 p.m.” I asked, “Who is it?” The wife said, “It’s Lao Liu.” Lao Liu is an old colleague and old friend of mine working in Xinjiang People’s Radio Station. When my wife and I returned to Xinjiang in the summer of 2011, we visited him and received warm hospitality. This is a rare visit to Shanghai as a host.


So remember where you fell and repent and do what you did in the first place. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. So think about how you received it and how you heard it. Observe and repent. If I do not wake up, I will come to you like a thief. When I come, you never know. —— From the Bible (1)

Cherry Red Ripe Guizhou Xing

Author of Guizhou Cherry Red Ripening: On the eve of May 1, 2014, Hu Jihong, it was cherry red ripening season. I went to Guizhou with my wife. During his Ph.D. study in the United States, his son Sugiyama met the talented girl Yanyan from Guizhou Province, China, who was also studying for Ph.D. in the United States. After several years of falling in love, they decided to get engaged. However, the engagement is a major event in life, parents of both sides still need to meet to finalize. Daughter-in-law’s parents

Hello, Old Time

In our life, we will meet a lot of people, maybe you just pass by, but also the past 500 times to look back, and those who have become one in ten million of our life’s best friends, and how should we treat it? I think it’s just two words: cherish. The first time we knew each other was long forgotten, the only thing that came to mind.

Our 1977-2019

Our 1977-2019 author: The students who graduated from the first senior high school of Hu Longhong WD Middle School have two very special calendars, 1977 and 2019. We graduated from high school in 1977 and then went to different places. Many students never met again after graduation until 2019, 42 years later. As a result, 1977 and 2019 are special to us.


A Qi Preface: These two days are almost New Year’s Day, and my heart is troubled. I think it’s necessary to write something, otherwise, I really can’t remember it. Two days ago, I went to my friend’s house to play. He showed me his pet, a very small hamster. Meaty, all over the body are soft fur, and sometimes make the appearance of a cuddle, very cute. I asked him why he was sudden.

Yunhe Town’s strong flavor of the year attracts beautiful women and handsome men to take photos in succession.

Development Network (Wang Wenhua) news home for the Spring Festival is the long-cherished wish of people who are far away from home on the eve of the Spring Festival every year. People regard returning home to celebrate the New Year as the most important thing in a year. They get together and have a good night together. It is full of people’s attachment to their hometown and family. The land is vast, the river flows, and it’s Spring Festival again. The wanderers who work outside temporarily abandon the busy life of the city and return to the city for a long time.