Courtesy is less important than affection and righteousness.

In mid-January 2011, the family received four gifts successively. Although they were not precious items, they were all local specialties, but they were the hearts of friends. It’s really “Giving goose feathers for thousands of miles, giving gifts lighter than feelings and righteousness heavier”. The first gift was a large carton of Xinjiang local specialties, such as dates, walnuts and raisins, sent by Dong Lei, a friend of the eldest daughter, from Yili, Xinjiang through China Railway Express. The second gift is

Romantic affairs, smooth life

Night, first quiet. A day’s rain, the wind has stopped, the smoke is locked in the clouds, but I can not stop the flow of thoughts suddenly, the mobile phone rings, a familiar number reflected in front of me, I connected, she has been crying. I said, if you go out tomorrow, you should take it easy. This is the first time in my life that I have ever traveled on the road – South of Caiyun. A lady has a dream, a gentleman can understand it. In midsummer, after a mist and rain, it was not much cooler.

To commemorate the friendship that I have lost and will soon lose

Once thought that other people’s world will have my figure, but found that I just accidentally flashed in other people’s world at a specific time and place, before leaving traces, it has disappeared. Just know, in fact, other people’s world without me! At that time, we were still friends. I once thought it was very important. People said that Pisces were born with feelings, but they saw the figure that they thought was very important.

Jiangling high school 78 high school graduation celebrations 40 years

Dear teachers and dear students, Hello everyone! Golden autumn, yellow autumn leaves, gentle autumn wind, long autumn rain, the autumn of 2018 we harvest a surprise, that is, Jiangling high school 78 high school graduation 40 years together. Forty years ago, we ran from here to industry, agriculture, soldiers, academics and commerce. Forty years later, we came from the other side of the ocean, from all sides, to this place full of laughter and laughter.

My brother is called Peng Ge.

Looking at the “project colleague A Peng” clearly displayed on the screen, he was unable to press the dialing key. There are two reasons for the entanglement: first, he once heard that friendship and kinship in the workplace are very difficult to produce, Ah Zheng also thinks so; second, he worked on the last project for a year and a half, and his relationship is very good. So it was A Peng who was the last thing he wanted to get into trouble.


This time I do not know how many years from the swallow to leave the moment from the river frozen from the moment affixed to the Red Spring Festival Couplet my heart hanging like a silent clock when the swallow came to Xinshadang River began to sing when the couplet faded the color of the past but you are still in the distance endure for a long time We should see each other again in the winter.

A farewell

It’s not that I don’t want to say it’s just how I can say it’s just that a little bit of it doesn’t give me much loneliness. It’s not that I don’t love life. It’s just how I can live without you. It’s like a pan of fried food without salt.

Letters to distant friends

Letter to a distant friend This is an ancient greeting across distant distances and the flow of time Asking what the distant friends will feel when the weather is slowly cooling season to send a blessing to a distant friend in the late autumn send a greeting to ask if you left yesterday’s love is still there May your life be more romantic and your future more beautiful.

Friends do not go away

“Friends Don’t Go” I really fear that spring flowers fade, autumn flowers fade and long-lost youth is no longer vigorous, but aging why feelings are Ivy but not Ivy carefully lingering why you have to be a bird friend touching the sky’s feelings should be your deep attachment to the nest friend Don’t leave you I became nothing Genti’s water and grass are not dependent on him.

Type five friends

If money is compared to material wealth and wisdom to spiritual wealth, then friends are both material and spiritual wealth. A person’s life can be much less, but friends are few and few. Man is a social animal. If a man loses his friends, his life will be lonely and desolate. As Yu Guangzhong said, “a man may not have a wife in his life.”