10 extremely idiotic moment

1. When you just use QQ, I don’t know much about it. When a chat, the net friend asked me: how to upgrade QQ software? I smatter, answer: you get this old uninstall, I will tell you how to do! Then, half a minute later, the head of the net friend turned gray. From then on, the man disappeared… 2, was very brave and very brave, once in the kindergarten, the doctor gave us the vaccine, the teacher on the side only”

A letter between a husband and his wife

Dear wife: are you all right at the mother’s house? Now you have to sulk from our home for 38 hours and 37 minutes, the distance of your home record is 4 hours and 21 minutes, I know you are waiting for me to apologize to you, I am ready to do so, but I hope you can hold on, make you flee the history of a new high! I’m all right at home, please don’t miss it.

Life of Diao silk

A and B in male female relationships, if her family does not agree. B female cheat family said a rich handsome, little flower, have no interest in marriage does not meet the parents. While A men often find B female, B female acting bully him, parents who ask, B female answer: a spare, honest man. During the first half of the year after B, the female also play a rich handsome was abandoned, heartbroken men have no good stuff. Parents comfort: actually that spare people good… Finally A man married B. “

A long way to lose

Go to the kindergarten and lose the innocence. I lost my childhood in primary school. I lost my happiness in junior high school. Go to high school and lose your mind. Go to college and lose the pursuit. Graduation, lost the profession. Work, lose the edge. Love, lose your mind. Mortgage, lost the next half of your life. Get married and lose your passion. Learn to do business and lose the bottom line. Out of the country, the ancestor “

Then I went to sleep first

In the cinema, the black brothers heard a shout: move the mouse! What you wear is dangerous, but you are very safe! The fox does not make the essence, it is pure coquettish. Little babysitter’s voice is very big, the host tells, this evening comes the person who has the identity, must speak a little whisper. After dinner, the host guests play cards, and the little baby sitter wants to take a break.

Water splashing Festival… Do a seemingly clever thing which turns out to be a foolish one instead

Songkran Songkran, everyone splashing blessing, suddenly a man scolded: Mom, who poured me? Others advised: pour you a blessing you. Curse: come this, who took the boiling water poured me? Waiting for the bus to work this morning to catch a bus to the station when the car. Has already been started. So I shouted while chasing master: Master, wait for me, wait for me!…… Then a passenger approached me from the window and said, “

Who can write this word neatly?

Plant wide Nianshi eleven and half of the Hui Bian two Dan two and half ten + 20 wide Hui Bian Bian Hui eleven factory wide Nianshi half and the two on the two and a half Dan Hui ten + 20 Bian wide plant wide Nianshi eleven and half of the Hui Bian Dan two the two and ten + 20 semi Hui Bian wide plant wide Nianshi eleven and half of the Hui Bian two Dan two and half ten + 20 wide Hui Bian Bian factory wide Nianshi ten”

There are 60 very philosophic words. It’s so funny

1, as the saying goes: a good horse does not eat grass; but they said: return of the prodigal son jinbuhuan! 2, as the saying goes: rabbits do not eat grass Waterloo; but they said: First come, first served.! 3, as the saying goes: Prime Minister belly; but they said: there shall not a gentleman! 4, as the saying goes: man, would rather die than surrender; but they said: man, 5, can take temporary setbacks! As the saying goes”