Random thoughts on life

Some people compare life to a painting, drawing what in their own; others compare life to a journey, flat or muddy in themselves; others compare life to a game, success or failure in their own life. Appreciate Su Shi’s life: listen to the heart, do what I do, move forward and backward freely, spoil and humiliate without alarm, live in the high temple and worry about its people, far away from the river and lake also worry about its people. Repeated setbacks and pride do not diminish the “temple frost”

Everything that goes well in life will not be too comfortable.

All the process of life’s improvement will not be too comfortable. The world of Liao Chaoguo has its own logic, and people can’t change it. Some logic rises to the theoretical level, which is what human beings call the law. Laws can only be found and used, but not created and violated. If laws are applied to life and expressed in easy-to-understand words, that is what people usually say. There are also some reasons.

There is nothing trivial about office work.

There are no trivial matters in the work of the office. Everything that the staff of the office of the municipal government say and do is connected with the work of the municipal government and the mayor. Sometimes they represent the municipal government and the mayor. Not the captain but the bow. The quality of office work has a direct impact on the image of the municipal government and mayor, and even on the work of the whole city. So there’s nothing trivial about office work. I want to be in person.

To bear

Take on the life bomb index for ten years, melancholy or melancholy, noisy or plain. The world is in full swing and the flowers are blooming on the street. Whoever is allowed to walk around the world in a hurry and write his own ordinary or extraordinary life movement with exciting tones. Seemingly ordinary nature, breathing air, bathing sunshine, all in the ordinary rotation. Stars twinkle, stars fear the loneliness of the night and stand alone.

The announcer’s bitterness and sweetness

In early July 1978, the first China Broadcasting and Presiding Works Award Awards Conference was held in Beijing. As second prize winners, broadcasters of Xinjiang People’s Radio Liming and Zhang Yan went to Beijing to receive the prize. Facing the award-winning certificate, Dawn and Zhang Yan’s mood fluctuated, sweetness, bitterness and hot poured into their hearts. In recent years, Dawn, Zhang Yan, Xiaoyang, Sun Yue, Zhu Dan, Wenhao, Meng Jie, Liu Fang and so on are common.

An Affordable Life for Men

The man who gave me the welding plate was called Wang Xingang. I met him in 2012. At that time, he had a small counter in the electronic market. He was very polite and enthusiastic, so I welded my board to him. Welding boards are hard work and earning money by slowly saving up. At that time, Wang Xingang’s daughter-in-law also occasionally came to the counter to help, treating people cold and not hot, a little absent-minded. Slowly it disappeared. after

Perceptions of the Secretary-General’s Work

General Secretary Jiang Zemin once said: “The role of the Secretary-General is not appropriate. Like writing articles, it is very complicated to carry on and connect the preceding and the following.” So, how to be a good secretary-general? My experience is that we must understand a law, build up three consciousness, and do a good job of a team. Recognizing a rule, someone said, “The work of the Secretary-General is nothing but a matter of great detail.

A person’s struggling youth is more splendid

A person’s struggling youth is more wonderful. Cheng Fang of Wushan, Gansu Province, does not chase the wind, catch the rain, and do not beg for the footsteps of spring to stay, because I have sunshine in my heart, the earth in my eyes, and every minute of my life is spring. The passage of time is just to enrich oneself. A person, quietly walked such a long way, along the beautiful scenery, but never stop to enjoy, perhaps, just because

Youth and sweat compose the brilliance of every page

Youth and sweat compose every page of brilliant youth is short, there are many things waiting for young people to discover and create. Better youth should shine on the job, not let desolation sink. As young people, we should strengthen learning, improve ideological and moral cultivation, communicate with people around us and parents, and be willing to listen to their opinions, and resolutely resist the corruption of bad atmosphere. Facts have proved that