Wood’s debts

Wood’s default clause / Song Yuhui, living, always dreams, and, most likely, nightmares, but fortunately, even the most terrible nightmares will eventually be ashes when they wake up. Although frightened, although there are lingering palpitations, eventually can wake up, but ultimately only between sleep. But the nightmare of life is more than just sleeping. When awake from a nightmare between sleep

Leave good luck to the future

The word “live in the present” is very popular nowadays. Many people show off easily all the time. Especially the younger generation, they have worship piety. People’s interpretation of “living in the present” is to enjoy the present, so the era of advanced consumption has come quietly. It is a trend and a fashion for young people to enjoy today in advance tomorrow. They refuse tradition and are taught by Western ideas.

Pine trees in Tianshan Mountains

In the residential area of Zhongding Haoyuan, where I live, there are more than fifty cedars, which grow tall and tall, with beautiful crowns like umbrellas, evergreen in winter and summer, and covered with green shade. Seeing these garden cedars, I can not help but think of the world-famous Tianshan Pine. In the midsummer of the 1980s, accompanied by Comrade Lao Lin of the West Forestry Bureau of Tianshan, I went deep into the forest farm in the west of Tianshan and interviewed several model forest rangers. This is my first.

Unforgettable newspaper career

(86) The unforgettable newspaper career in early February 2011, received from remote Xinjiang “Xinjiang Radio and Television Newspaper”, put aside the matter at hand, eagerly read up. Retired and settled in Shanghai for more than six years, I do not know why my heart is still concerned about this newspaper, looking forward to meeting her. Whenever I read those colorful and distinctive pages in the newspaper, it often makes me feel better.

What is human for?

People don’t have to worry about the past, they must face the present. People do not need to compare with others, they must follow the trend. People have you along the way, people are grateful for your life. People don’t need to argue, they need to live in harmony. There is no luck in people’s hearts. People know they can’t drop pies. People should not always ask for, but be good at giving. Man should make his own decisions, and he should depend on himself in everything. No one complains about others when they are tired, no one complains about others.


I am just an ordinary person, my ambition is no more than a dust of the universe, even if I run faster, can not keep pace with the pace of the times, but I will not stop, I also hope that all people do not stop the pace of progress, even if the front is full of thorns, even in the frozen weather, you have to rush forward, remember! You are not brave. No one is strong for you.

Catch up with the wind

Xu Mengtian, a chasing youth, is eighteen years old. The day deserving celebration is my birthday. I know that today I am no longer a young and ignorant teenager, starting a new stage, began to look forward to the childhood of adulthood. But I am a person who likes to miss the past, forgive me for returning to that season again, and that young chasing the wind… I like to travel with my backpack.


* The novel * reminds Huang Qinghui of the familiar and cordial character “Serving the People”, which is displayed on the wall of the Hall of the Hefei Traditional Chinese Medicine Institution, and the masses feel the benefits of the reform of “releasing control clothes”. One day I noticed Wang Kui, a thin body of the “old businessman” who came forward to shake hands with me and made fun of me: “I also pity myself and hate the evil old society.

Invisible War

Gun wars (tangible wars) are over, but the war between human beings and diseases (invisible wars) is still going on, so scientists also have the status of fighters. They manage themselves militarized (strict self-requirements and life planning), face battles with a serious attitude, and fight fiercely with the “enemy” every day. Others, however, work only to earn money, not to fight.

Cherish time and talent,

Days and nights think of people in dreams, red candles Guizhou, night into the sky, how can I not see the shadow of my husband, suddenly wake up in the spring night, how can I have no colorful Phoenix wings, heartless, thousands of rivers and mountains just waiting for leisure, time flies, time flies, suddenly flicker fingers, year after year, year after year, people are different, feeling, time like a Mercedes-Benz BMW never returns, time flies back that one. It’s a myth. Only in