Blacksmith brother-in-law

I don’t know why? During this period, I always think about my brother-in-law. I think during the day; I dream at night, too. My brother-in-law died a year ago. In fact, he is not my brother-in-law, I and he are still far apart, I think at the beginning, his blacksmith shop and the school I work only one wall apart, and his lover and I have the same surname, and bigger than me, come and go, slowly get familiar with, in the wine.

The scenery of Yangchun in March is infinite

Yangchun March scenery infinite Liang Weishan rolling across the earth with a spring thunder, the season entered Yangchun March, the spring came to us with its irrepressible clang pace. The spring in March is real. Look, the warm wind is warm, the running water is green, the sunshine is gentle, the buds are beginning to blossom, the fields are green and the grass is growing. In March, a delicate fragrance of spring filled the air.

Hanmen is your greatest luck to be born in this lifetime.

There are three major misfortunes in life: success in youth, windfall in wealth, and high birth. Juvenile ambition: not retreating, less awe, more arrogance, isolation, ultimately failure; windfall: no hard work, less struggle, more laziness, no progress, eventually down; the birth of a rich family: rich clothes, less frustration, more comfortable, not diligent, eventually sink. (Wen/Jiang Xiaoliang) You were born in a poor family, striving for success in youth, not struggling.

Life in the Story (13 “A Wonderful Ring” and “The Burial of Horses by King Zhuang”)

Life in the Story 13 The story of “One Wonderful Sound” and “One Wonderful Sound” is from “Han Feizi Yu Lao”. According to the story, after the death of Duke Mu of Chu, the eldest son of the bear couple took the throne for Duke Zhuanggong of Chu. During his three years in power, Chuang Gong did not issue a decree, nor did he have any political achievements. He was addicted to wine and lust all day, ignored the government, ate, drank and played all night long. All the affairs of the DPRK were handed over to Chengjia and Chengjia.

Mine trip

“The depth of the water is known by crossing the river.” Only those who go through the mine can feel the taste of two days underground and on the ground. This is the second time I’ve been in the mine. The first time I went down the mine was still in my mind. This time, as a member of the safety inspection team, the safety inspection work is still carried out. It was already 3 p.m. when we arrived at the mine. When we get out of the car, we put on our overalls, safety hats and miner lights.

Miscarriage of Justice

Zhao Ma became a director in the tax office. He is very beautiful and admires a large group of people. It becomes normal to eat and drink, especially to drink flowers and wine (accompanied by beautiful women). In a flower wine, he met Xiao Wei, a younger and more beautiful woman. Her liquor volume was not so good. She had half a kilogram of liquor and had beer and red wine. He was originally a teacher. He was a poor-looking man. He left early and married his second wife.

Expert fees

Tian Laohan sat in the corridor of the hospital almost all night sleepless. He accompanied his wife to see a doctor in the city. The wife had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage half a month ago. When she was sent to the township hospital, she was told that she needed to be transferred immediately. So the family kept calling an ambulance and transferred to the city hospital. Tian Laohan took advantage of his son’s daughter-in-law’s care in the hospital, and went home to rummage through the box and find the only passbook of the old couple. Look at it. There are 30,000 yuan left on it.

Women like flowers

Women are like flowers – salute to the clangorous roses in the world, you are like a rose in the desert, blooming quietly, waiting quietly, holding your gentle face gently, holding up a round of tender sunrise, and carving your footprints on the ancient desolate transformation bridge roadbed. The shallow mountains and rivers are deeply engraved by your charming face and the spring breeze is pouring down on the grass to roam for you and laugh at you. And you sprinkle it