Warm all the way, calm years

Su Shi wrote in his poem: Life is like a journey against the water, I am also a pedestrian. Life rises and falls, although there are still reluctant, but no one can stop it from moving forward, too late to savor, we have embarked on a new journey. The road we have traveled has been confused and distressed, but only for arrival. A person has walked through the green mountains and rivers, passed through the cold and warm human feelings, tasted the five smells of miscellaneous dust, heart troubles.

Xiao Fang’s Writing Notes

Title: Xiao Fang’s Writing Notes. Author: Gu Zhanhong’s content: Teacher’s language beauty produced a composition topic: around’What is love?’ To write, or to do a topic. Teacher Yumei thought, they are not writing friendship or family love, or love. So the scope of writing is not given, so that they can play freely. Xiao Fang read the title, “What is sex?” What does it mean to have sex? assume

Small gambling and money borrowing

Title: Small gambling and borrowing. Author: Gu Zhanhong Content: After a few days, Xiao Huang kindly lent money to Xiao Gambling and felt pity for him. Who knows, small gambling or take gambling, lost, back, and asked Xiao Huang to borrow money. Xiao Huang borrowed it again. After a few days, he also lost the game. Xiao Huang knows the gambling and loses money. He feels that he is hopeless. He should be asked to pay him back soon.

Shallow Spring, Wutuwu Village

My native land and my hometown, don’t forget the inscription. In the westward extension of Mount Emei on the dusty moor, there is a mountain that extends to Yungui. If you want to pass by, you have to go to the mountain road cut out on the cliff of the half-mountain. The road is narrow, and people and cars are also moving along in a zigzag way. The shallow spring, but also the hills under the mountains in this season should be the scene, the sun in the mountains hidden in thick clouds.

Shanxi Daily takes me on the news Road

When I finished my primary school in Yangcun, Longju Town, Yanhu District, Yuncheng City (originally from the county), the Party organization saw that I loved propaganda and issued me a “Party propagandist” badge. It was small, copper, though not conspicuous, but shining. I often wore it on my chest. That is, since then, I have had an indissoluble bond with Shanxi Daily: relying on Shanxi Daily to rehearse the program; climbing back to the village.

Extraction of teeth

More than a decade ago, the full mouth was basically OK, only one decayed tooth was filled again and again, and finally had to be pulled out. In order to save money and convenience, movable dentures were provided in the private dental clinic near the place of residence. Brush your teeth every night, remove the dentures, clean them, soak them in a small glass bottle, and put them on the next morning. In this way, repeated installation, more than a year later, a good tooth next to the shadow.

Death touches porcelain

Title: Dead will touch porcelain author: Gu Zhanhong content: Xiaoming recently saw a lot of false news about the market, such as milk powder containing melamine, waxed rice, bleached Phoenix claws and so on. I think this is a business opportunity. When he went to a supermarket, he looked at the rough oranges. “Sister, will these rotten oranges eat the dead?” Death eaters pay no loss

Talking about Ability

Saints have a powerful ability to make chaotic problems rule-based, which can be called a breakthrough in small environments, or can be understood as a breakthrough in the local chaotic state, or the reproduction of knowledge and so on. For example, Chinese people often talk about filial piety, but what is filial piety? Long, long ago, it was ambiguous and foggy. So far, many people still have a lot of opinions and arguments.

The wreath of spring

If the sky is a wordless heavenly book, then white clouds must be wordless footnotes; if winter’s silver wrapped, can make you ecstatic, then, the flowers in spring are beautiful, must let your poetic gloom. Night, cool as water, dim moonlight, reflecting banyan trees, fan-like shadow, soothe people’s tired hearts; people who come and go in a hurry, exhausted the noise and noise of the city. enter