There’s a kind of encounter, from the beginning, it’s amazing time.

There is a kind of encounter, at the beginning, it shocked the time text / Ziyunyan life is a complex or simple journey. All encounters in the journey are indispensable scenery in life. Everyone is in a hurry, rushing around in the streets of the Red Dust, shoulder bags, full of heavy stories. An unintentional look back, an inadvertent encounter, are doomed fate. Margin is a very mysterious thing.

Another year pear blossoms

Another year pear blossoms bleached the wilderness and bleached the hills. Thousands of pears were like cold snowfalls. Flowering couples, in twos and threes, sniff at the pear blossom or snuggle half-way on the shoulder of the other. Xiao Jinyuan is alone, waiting silently in the hills where pear blossoms are blooming, waiting for you to fulfill your promise, waiting for you to be kind to tenderness. That year, the pear blossom season, the sky is full of blue, you attacked evergreen.

You care so much about his past.

I can’t remember which issue is “If You Are the One”. In the short film, the male guest said that he had been in love three times, and a female guest “asked” reluctantly: Why did he break up? Are there any contacts now? I think: is that you are ready to join hands with him, want to be his other half, if you are smart, to his past, especially the lover of the past, do not ask too much, ask too many, may be self-seeking.


If I could forget that season and this memory of joy and tears, in a word, I would still be grateful to you. If I hadn’t met 20 years ago, I would not have experienced the only joy and happiness, the warmth and happiness of today. If not for the affectionate look back 20 years ago, why would there be sleeplessness in the moonlight of this life? Just like retaining that late autumn, that mature, for you

Tortoise, thank you for coming.

“I’m eating panda express. She picks up her cell phone and gets information from MJ. “Well, eat more,” she returned. “I miss you.” “Don’t you hate that?” She did not know how to return, deliberately changed the topic because you like it. “Quickly he returned, she sipped her coffee and smiled. MJ is a boy she recently met, and he was born in the same place.

Although restrained, but still haunted by dreams, I did not go far, you have been around all the time

Although leaving, just wake up every time, or a dull pain, said good will not miss you, but still can not help thinking of you every day. I also understand that when you refuse to start, it is doomed that our world is doomed to the opposite direction. At that time, I endured the pain of my heart and told you that I hope to be a friend in the future. But I know, maybe I can’t get back to the beginning with you.

You on the left

The one on the left – Yanzi Shuangchun flowers fragrant, with your breath, at eight o’clock, we will meet. Whenever I am alone, my eyes will see you very blurred, that cool plain face, that soft hair. Feeling happy, we walk face to face, walking. And you walk past me like a fantasy. There will always be a time in a day when I want to forget you, always

What is love?

In this world, as long as it is not a complete celibate, love is almost everybody’s experience in life, but some people love easily, some love dull, some love for ever, some love has only been owned. In love, the greatness of love can stand the test. The highest realm of love is to appreciate and understand each other. Remember love and cherish?

Princess Pina’s gloves

In other words, in a world of flowers, this day, a great happy event happened in Budaleira. In the world of flowers, there are flowers everywhere, purple flowers, and flowers that look like human beings. Old King Lierhechi got a daughter, very small, exquisite and lovely, and he kissed her little feet. At this time, a kind of flower flashed through King Hecht’s mind, Pirissana. This kind of flower has a wonderful fragrance, but there is a special one.