Draw the ground for your youth

In every person’s world, there is a person who can devote his life to it. Maybe it’s just a passer-by. Maybe it’s just a beautiful scenery in our life. We’ve all experienced our favorite people. We can’t guarantee what kind of world we will experience at the last moment. But in my world, I’m sorry, you’re the only one. In five years of love, I met

Let me continue to love you in the past

You may not believe in Buddhism, but one day you will believe in cause and effect. Married, have children, do a job that you like, originally thought that my life would be like this, but the gear of fate is always running quietly when we can’t see it. It will take who to whom, who will take who away from whom, and who can naturally take who to whom… For more than a decade, I never did.

Wife and wife

In early spring and March, the woods and grass were flourishing, bored, thinking from top to bottom, and suddenly realized that 38 sections were approaching. She closed her eyes to Siqing and wanted to talk about her thoughts. Nevertheless, the heart is troubled, and the words are not good, so I put my pen in the paper and express my mind. Time flies. Time flies. Time flies. There will be ten years to join hands. I remember that when I first met you, I saw your voice and countenance, and I felt that your eyes were bright and your eyes were bright and my heart was filled with laughter.

Leaves fall for paintings, flowers blossom for poetry

In the misty rain and the red dust, look for a poetic and picturesque romance, look for a touch of tenderness that never tires of looking at each other. Still remember, between mountains and rivers, lean up against the fence, under the hazy moonlight, your skirts float, disturbing a few happy swallows returning late. Under the soft moonlight, you with a smiling face like a flower bring three points of shyness and seven points of gentleness. At that time, I made a wish that if the water was 3000, you would be the only cup I drank, and I would like to accompany you from Qingsi to Qingsi.

Love of Parents: A Fairy Tale of Love

One is the capitalist lady, beautiful, arrogant, elegant, full of brain Romantic; the other is a peasant-born soldier, ordinary, rough, straightforward, but these two people come together to form a family, they are Angel and Jiang Defu, the heroes and heroines of the TV drama “Parents’Love”. Navy officer Jiang Defu met Angel at the National Day Ball and gave her a good temperament.

Pipa out of strings, moonlight sparse shadow

Quietly floating in the vast sea of people, the past mixed sadness and joy, leaving a regret, take away is reluctant. In the past, a cup of turbid wine, hot in the throat, cool in the heart, diffuse in the corners of the eyes and scratched cheeks. There is no right or wrong reincarnation, there is no trade-off. Thousands of causes and effects are not empty, what we get is deserved, what we lose is in vain. How can we go through all kinds of flowers and leaves without touching them? How can we have nothing and where can we cause dust?

Appreciation of Seeing and Not Seeing: Tangyuan

Appreciation of Seeing and Not Seeing, a good poem by Tang Yuan, will bring pleasure to people’s mind and spirit. This is the case with reading Zahiramdor’s See and Not See. This poem is plain and light, but it contains very deep feelings. Reading carefully several times, the heart seems to be touched by the emotions rendered in the poem. The strong rhyme of the poem, such as the mellow wine, ferments in the heart, a strong impulse to spit out one’s own feelings into a quick one, on the oil.

Feelings from Reading Border Town

I have traveled many roads, bridges, clouds and wines in my life, but I have only loved a person of just the best age. —— The high school Chinese teacher said: Romanticism in love is to accompany you childish, accompany you simple. Very precise expression. I like it very much. Shen Congwen’s pursuit of love is probably also a romantic love bar! __________ More accurately,

Spring and autumn fall

Concerned about who has not in every life, the pendulum of time often strides forward, stealing human beings are not lost, the short life has ended, empty left regret not originally. This is fate, but also practice. There is no opportunity to explain it. Understanding has not yet come to an answer. Do you understand? Confused? I can’t find a reason in it. It’s the inevitable future. Let the people who are interested in it look at one measure and the other.

In the shallow time, hold you in the heart

When the hazy night came again, I sat alone in front of the window like lotus, feeling quietly that my heart can not erase the hidden loneliness at the moment, I want to spread out the palm print of time, pick up the dust-laden fleeting years at the moment is lingering in the mind of spongy love, I want to ride on a love boat, visit the mottled trees outside the ripple window of Acacia blurred my line of sight. Thoughts about you are still intrusive