Don’t take yourself too seriously

Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s not that you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you don’t think of yourself as one thing, no one else will think of you as one thing. But if you think too much of yourself as one thing, the result will be that others will not take you as one thing. But in different ways, the former thinks you are weak and useless, while the latter thinks you are arrogant and arrogant.

2018 | Ghost knows what this year has gone through

Everyone’s life has a hard time, no one can understand, only their own silent bear. And I, not for a period of time, but for eight years, 2920 days and nights… It’s just, 2018, the experience of all kinds of diseases, ghosts know… The sense of indelible distress, endless suffocation, the pain that strikes the heart directly, the heartbeat that breaks down at any moment, the hopelessness that has no branches to live in.

What have you lost in the past two years?

I haven’t been here for a long time. I forgot when I was last. I just flipped through the previous emails, recalled the past stories, and looked back at the present, many things, many people, are inadvertently blurred. From 16 years of marriage to now, nearly three years, with children, now life is revolving around children and families. Every day life is either at work or eating and drinking Lazarus.

Millennium blossoms a fruit comparable to ginseng

It’s hard to walk, it’s hard to walk, there are many different paths, and now it’s safe. I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea. This is my understanding of the college entrance examination, but also my understanding of life. All the creations originate either from the interpretation of life, or from the covet of dreams, or from the impulse of the hooligan of thought to the girl of reality. The first time I was going to write a novel, I never bothered to write it.

Life is like a play.

Life is like a narrow ticket, you are at that end, I am at this end, life is like a narrow welfare lottery, not everyone can win, not everyone is lucky. If you can look at winning things with a normal mind, it’s easy. If you don’t get 5 million heart disease relapses overnight, it’s life like a narrow welfare lottery. I’m here, you’re right there, between yin and yang, paradise.


Night is deep, the sky will dawn, lonely in front of the window, looking at the vast night, both worries and regrets coexist around. Heaven and earth are big, but it is difficult to entrust any thoughts. Perhaps many people and things have gradually been relieved, and if you look at the clouds, very few can linger in your mind. When I was a child, I didn’t realize it until I grew up. After all, it was difficult for me to get along with others. Whether at home or abroad, many people see me.

Learn to circuitous on the road of life

There is no straight line at sea and no road on land that does not turn. When ships encounter reefs or islands, they must make a detour, build roads and encounter lakes or mountains. Unless they have to or need to move mountains and fill lakes, it is often more economical and economical to make a detour around them. If the ship is at the fork of the Dead River, you can take a detour and exit to observe and find a new route. No.

Is there any debt in the world?

I really should laugh at myself. Did I owe too much debt in my last life? The love that led to this life is so frustrating, and I am naturally easy to be emotional, as long as others are a little better to me, as long as he tells me that he likes me and expresses a little “mind” to me, I will slowly enter the lungs like smoking, blood, I really had better not easily provoke such a person,

Winter outdoor swimming

Winter swimming badge Winter swimming venue Hanfeng Lake, a good fitness program, the competition of Brother Hu and Beauty sleeping, if you can swim with admiration. Winter swimming competition only this group, cold walkers sparse, contest ranking does not matter, the spirit is the best. Winter swimming, morning swimming, summer and autumn training, strong fitness value miss the mighty men in the water, only complain about their own lack of toughness. Winter swimming is not a one-time success, perseverance is the only way to show energy.

Bachelor life

Today, I watched a variety show. When I saw the status of your single life, I suddenly wanted to record the status of your single life. It seems that there is no special misery. First of all, I am a barely independent person. Being able to cook is a basic solution to one’s own life, but takeout can also be solved if one can’t cook. Most of the time, I don’t want to order takeout.