Self-cultivation is not self-cultivation. Don’t believe me.

Self-cultivation is not self-cultivation. Don’t believe me, Cai Han’s self-cultivation and self-cultivation in the period of January 14, 2019 are like “sisters” but not “sisters”. In our daily life, we often hear people say, “This man is very self-restrained…” I also heard someone say, “This man is well-educated…” So, what is self-cultivation? What is self-cultivation? Self-restraint – it was the first time that Zhu Xi of the Song Dynasty said so. language

Hypocritical Beauty (2)

To this day, I still want to say to China’s education: “Drop out of tuition fees?” “K pour over the skeleton, burn in the cave, protect in Nairobu, miscellaneous interpretations, schools and schools are in a panic to change their roles! Pump bellows are about the sea. Forgive U’s complaint that the grave is grim. R’s crispy. It’s just short. It’s instant and handsome.


What is humor? “Cihai” explains that “through the rhetoric of allusion, allegory, pun, etc., in a well-meaning smile, reveal the fallacies and unreasonableness of life.” That is to say, humor is a kind of artistic language which aims at laughing, satirizing the past and telling the present, distinguishing right from wrong, criticizing fallacies, revealing truth, clever, tortuous and implicit, which is often unexpected and thought-provoking.

Listening to Life with Heart

What is life? It is a milestone classic of science popularization by Nobel Prize winner Elvin Schrodinger. It is a good book that needs to be immersed in piety. The author introduces readers’curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge into the door of life science with open thinking, genius’s originality and profound keen insight, so that readers can realize the wonder and brand-new of life world. New. What is life?

It’s useless for the scholar because I misunderstood it.

In life, most people often make mistakes. Seeing a passage of text and taking it for granted by your intuition is called Wangwen Shengyi. Like regardless of the context and the meaning of the full text, cut a paragraph from it and use it, which is called out of context. Would you make such a mistake? Whether or not we will commit a crime, let’s change it today and encourage others to do so. Have read or heard a poem like “Nine out of ten”

Do what you can and do what you can.

Nowadays, people are facing more and more pressure in life, such as employment, marriage, love and friendship, child-bearing, veteran medical practitioners, car loan repayment and so on. There is no such thing as worry, no need to work hard for it. This requires the cultivation of a good attitude and noble sentiment in life. It’s a good way to relieve pressure to do what you can and stop what you can.

Poverty Theory (2)

The richer you are, the more stingy you will be. The world is full of hypocrisy. Two hundred and one houses have been built in the village, and the poor have been installed; forty-five thousand people have been deposited in the bank at one time, and they say they are poor households. In the village, Chen Mou, the son of a family surnamed Chen, went to Shanghai to give a speech and made a fortune. In fact, all of them know that my family is poor. On that day, I sent 100 yuan red in Weixin group.

A clear conscience is the only sure reward in life

A clear conscience is the only surest reward in life. / Liao Chao-guo’s life is a pursuit, no one’s life does not pursue, but the pursuit is different in size. In the end, all the pursuits can only achieve two results. One is to pursue the realization, and everyone is happy. Second, the pursuit of loss, self-distress. But most of life’s pursuits are just like life itself. Ninety-nine are not as good as one or two. although

Informal politeness

Politeness is the expression of humility and respectfulness in our speech actions in dealing with people, and also the natural expression of a person’s civilized quality. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation to treat people with courtesy. It is a habit that everyone must develop when they are young. It is also the minimum moral standard in life. We must not take it lightly. China has been a country of etiquette since ancient times. It pays attention to etiquette and courtesy. Tao in Ancient Times