Heaven and earth are my life, and all things and I are one. Heaven, earth and you are as free as air are the life in my life. The foundation of trust is always sincerity and truth. Good and evil are inseparable. The odds of success lie in who is more firm and who is more thorough. Love is the ability to become a person, self-sacrifice, dedication to the end, great wisdom does not care, love is at all. Lingyun Pagoda Needs

As long as you learn these three points, you can turn negative energy into positive energy.

Xiao Fang, a friend, lost her love because her mood was affected. She always made mistakes in her work, which led to her unemployment later. She fell into an unprecedented predicament. When Xiaofang told me this experience in tears, I clearly felt her pressure, anxiety and pain, but as a friend, I can only comfort her, not replace her own life responsibility. Here

Only through these four hardships can one know maturity in life

Life is not easy. Everyone will encounter many things and people all his life. There are good things and bad things in them. There are good people and bad people. How to deal with these things and people correctly so that we can get away from disasters and usher in good luck? In fact, only when a person is strong, natural disasters are far away, and good luck comes naturally, how can he be strong? That’s what we need.

Give every grass a chance to blossom

Give every grass a chance to blossom and read a story like this, the content is roughly as follows: a friend of a person went to other places, leaving the courtyard to his management. His friend was a diligent man who often cleaned the courtyard clean, but he was lazy. After taking over, his courtyard was soon covered with weeds and wildflowers. For this reason, he often blames himself, so one day he

The road of life, how to walk narrower and narrower?

The road of life, how to walk narrower and narrower? Yeah, not only you, but most people often lament that ambition is no longer, that life is trivial! It seems that with the increase of age, the circle is getting smaller and smaller, the burden is getting heavier and heavier, and the friends are getting fewer and fewer… How could life be like this? Where is the problem? Are we not smart enough, not hard enough, or

Talking about the Creation of Animation Drama

The difference between a script and a novel is: (1) A script is something that can be directly produced in a film. In fiction, abstract generalization and psychological description can not be directly produced into film, so it needs to be transformed into the form of character language first. (2) The script is divided into scenes, and the content of each scene should not be too little, while the novel should not be divided into scenes. (3) Personal distinction: the script has only the third person, but small

No Lie Wavelet in Pepper Garden

D In the summer of 2016, Li Xiaobo came to Jiaoyuan as Secretary of the Party Committee. His predecessor was the bear secretary who put forward the idea of “setting an example from me and returning to a clean and energetic pepper garden”. Later facts showed that under the leadership of Xiong Secretary, Jiaoyuan as he said, “all the sand factories of heavy industrial brick factories were closed, and the light industrial mahjong was booming. In this hot summer, the cadres of Jiaoyuan government are very hot and anxious. dryness

Surprise moment

* In the surprise moment, my friend Cheng Shengguang and I came to the coffee bar and chatted with an elegant seat. I asked him what to drink. Old Cheng liked tea, ordered a cup of Honey Black tea, and I came to a cup of ground coffee. He said, “Today you don’t care, stocks are soaring, I’ll pay for it.” Lao Cheng has devoted himself to the study of stocks, but he seems to have made little progress. Although he has been paying attention to the stock market for a long time, he has not gained much in the early stage.

Woodcutter boarded the official ship, spoiled and humiliated.

In our lives, we are timid, submissive, too concerned about the eyes of others, forget to show ourselves. Shyness, fear, focus only on success or failure, which time to concentrate on doing what should be done. (Wen/Jiang Xiaoliang) Xiao Zhang joined an online sales company. Because of poor performance and silence, he can not lift his spirits, doubt his ability, doubt that he is not suitable for the job, and enter the post.

Leaving blanks is a wisdom of life

People say that distance produces beauty. It’s the feeling to leave this empty entry blank. Leave blank, that is blank. For some arts, blank space is an aesthetic, but when used in a long life, it is necessary to be a man with a yardstick, everything can not be lost. Yeah, savor carefully. In our daily life, no matter what we do to people or people, we should not talk too much and do everything absolutely. We should learn to give others and ourselves.